Pink Zombie Party for Girls

by Zoey
(New York)

zombie girl party teen theme party

zombie girl party teen theme party

I think a pink zombie party would be a unique and fun teen party theme for a girls party, perfect for girls who don't want to be typical.

They could have a dead fashion show where the girls are divided into teams and provided with halloween make up, fake blood, other props and must turn one person on their team dead. they can make them a zombie, or mummy whatever. The girls could even create their own costumes for the person using household stuff like garbage bags, toilet paper, aluminum foil, etc..

Make a "runway" and they could have their fashion show with spider webs all over the place and have some fake zombies / or make them look high-fashion pink zombies but in a cute kind of way, and as they're walking down the runway.

A fog machine would also be great for this kind of party.

Give out prizes for best makeup, best costume.

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