Mall Scavenger Hunt Party Ideas

A mall scavenger hunt party is all about having fun with your friends and searching for the fun, silly, and/or unusual. I think the best kind of mall scavenger hunts are the kind where you use your camera to find people or things. In these kinds of mall hunts you don’t have to spend money or carry around strange or weird items, just your camera. Make sure to tell everyone to ask someone before they snap a picture of them, people usually do not mind if you tell them what it’s for.

Mall Scavenger Hunt Party Kit Printables

This printable kit makes it easy to throw your mall party.  It includes editable invitations, scavenger lists, and team badges! 

Mall Scavenger Hunt Party Ideas
Celebrity Look-a-Like Hunt

This mall scavenger hunt utilizes the digital cameras. When playing the celebrity look-alike scavenger hunt each team must have at least one camera. The object is to find visitors in the mall that resemble famous celebrities and get them to pose for a picture. Each team has an hour to collect as many celebrity look-alike pics as they can.

The judge or judges make the final call on which pics count as look-alikes, though it should be judged loosely. Here is a common judging scale and point value scale for this a look-alike mall scavenger hunt party.

1 point – shares three or more common features

3 points – could mistake them for the celebrity from a distance.

5 points – Dead ringer (or close to it) for the celebrity

Mall Scavenger Hunt Party Ideas
Snap Shot Hunt

Another type of mall hunt that you can play with a digital camera is a seek and snap scavenger hunt. This is where you give each team a list of items or things and they must try to snap a picture of as many of these things as possible in the allotted time. Here is an example mall scavenger hunt list for a seek and snap contest: 

  • A blonde mannequin wearing something black
  • A security guard ( double points if you can get them to make the peace sign)
  • Anyone eating ice cream
  • Any salesperson holding up their store bag ( 1 pt for each)
  • A mall visitor carrying more than 3 shopping bags
  • Anyone wearing red pants
  • Someone who is dresses from a different time era
  • Someone from your team riding a mechanical horse
  • Anyone on your team giving someone (not on your team) a hug.
  • A picture of your entire team.
  • Someone blowing a giant bubble
  • Someone wearing an animal prints shirt, pants, or dress (double for more than one)
  • A man holding his wife or girlfriends purse
  • A before and after shot of someone’s haircut (double points)
  • Someone getting their ears pierced.
  • Two sales people high fiving each other
  • A senior citizen giving a thumbs up
  • A visitor throwing a penny into the fountain
  • triple points for someone playing in the fountain
  • Your team posing with the mannequins
  • Someone kissing a mannequin (double points)
  • Someone going the wrong way on the escalator.

A scavenger hunt is an awesome way to celebrate your birthday with your friends at the mall, but adding a unique twist to make the day a fun memory for you all. You can end the party by meeting up at the food court and having funnel cakes and sodas for everyone. Looking for more fun things to do at the mall with your friends check out these fun mall party games or even add your own!

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