Color War Party

by Cristina
(Bronx, NY)

Color War Party

This party theme was inspired by the 'Color War' that is held during Spirit Week at the local high school.

For this party, two sets of invitations are sent out. The first being your regular party invitation, having the RSVP date about a week before the party. The second invitation is one designating guests to one of four equal teams (4 different colors, we used Red, Blue, Yellow and Green).

Invitations were color coded and included instructions to wear the designated color, the wilder the outfit the better! I would recommend keeping the groups around 3-4, as adding a color group is easier than having too many teenagers in one group! While I planned this party to be held in a backyard in the warmer months, it can certainly be tweaked to be held indoors.

We had a large dry erase board that held the score of 4 different games that were played, and the team with the highest score was the winner of the Color War.

The first game we held was the Egg Spoon Race. For this game, we dyed the eggs to match the team. The eggs were hard boiled, so they could be dropped and the team with the least damaged egg was the winner. If an egg was dropped, the team member had to return to the starting point. If the egg split open, that team was out.

The winning team won 4 points, with the second place team winning 3, the third place winning 2 and the last place team earning 1.

The second game that was played was a balloon tower building contest. Each team was given a pack of uninflated color coded balloons and a roll of color coded duct tape (Green team got green balloons, red team got red balloons, etc..) The teams were instructed to build a tower as high as they could using the balloons and duct tape, with a time limit of 10 minutes. The team with the highest tower won, receiving points in the same manner as the last activity.

The next activity allowed for 'redemption' by the teams who did not win. The teams were then instructed to pop their balloon towers, but were not allowed to use their hands or feet to pop the balloons. The first team to win gathered 4 points, with points decreasing with each team that finished.

The final game is a game called 'Snorkeling'. For this game, each team was given 2 plastic cups, a pair of swimming flippers, swim floaties, and a snorkel. Each team was also designated a bucket filled with water about 75 feet away. One member of each team is to dress and run to the bucket with their plastic cup. They fill the cup and run back, emptying the contents of their cup into the next runner's cup. The runner was also shed his or her 'Snorkeling gear' and the next runner must wear all items before repeating with the remainder of team members. The first team to finish wins 4 points, the second wins 3, the third wins 2 and the last wins 1.

We even had a color coded menu, including things on a buffet style table like large pitchers of lemonade (yellow), baked ziti (red), salad (green), blue corn chips (blue) with salsa (red) and queso dip (yellow), corn dogs (yellow), etc. For dessert, I made sugar cookies dyed with food dye to be each of the team colors, had vanilla and chocolate ice cream with sugar sprinkles in each team color, and also ordered a cake from the local bakery to be white with red, blue, yellow and green 'paint' icing splattered on it.

Each guest received a goodie bag. The first place team received a stuffed animal key chain and a $5 gift card to Baskin Robbins, the second place team received just the stuffed animal key chain, the third place team received a regular plastic key chain and the fourth place team received a tube of lip smackers chapstick (I had all girls, so the gifts were very girly, but you get the idea) I purchased all the keychains at the Claire's store in the mall.

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