Top 10 Kissing Party Games for Teens

For teens that want an excuse to get closer to that special someone or just add a bit of a naughty factor to their party! Kissing party games are meant for older teen parties and college parties. They should be used responsibly and just for fun.

Remember it is NOT COOL under any circumstances to pressure anyone into doing something they do not want to do. Everyone has their own boundaries, and these games are meant for those mature enough to understand and respect that.

Top 10 Kissing Party games for teens
Spin the bottle

I’ll start the list off with a classic kissing xoxo party game. This is a game where everyone sits in a circle and one person is chosen to start. That person must spin the bottle (glass bottles work best) and whoever it lands on receives a kiss from the spinner. Then the person kissed gets to spin the bottle next.

There is another version, and I like this one better because it offers the players options. In this version the two people have five seconds to hug, if they don’t hug within five seconds then they have another 10 seconds but this time they must kiss , if they don’t kiss after then they must French kiss. This option makes it so you only have to really kiss the person you want to! 

Top 10 Kissing Party games for teens
Suck and blow

In this game, made famous by the cult classic movie of the 90's Clueless you use a playing card and stand in a circle boy girl boy girl. One person starts by picking up the card by sucking on it ( NO hands allowed). Then they must pass it to the next player by blowing it against their mouth while that person helps by sucking it. If the card falls, those two have to kiss. After every drop the girls rotate their positions in the circle to the left.

Top 10 Kissing Party games for teens
Seven minutes in heaven

For seven minutes in heaven you’ll need to write all the players names on a slip of paper. Put the girl’s names in one hat and the guy’s names in another. Pull out one name for each hat and they must spend seven minutes in heaven together. “Heaven” is usually a dark coat closet or a dark bathroom. You can shorten the time to three or four minutes to keep the party going or for nervous players.

To add extra suspense blind fold the players and don’t let them know who they are “in heaven” with. While they are in heaven they can do whatever they want to each other (such as kissing) as long as it’s consensual.

The following video does NOT depict a typical game of seven minutes in heaven - but watch it anyway because it's hilarious!

Top 10 Kissing Party games for teens
lifesavers kissing game

This game is played in the same way as suck and blow. Every player is given a toothpick to hold in their mouth. They stand in a circle (boy, girl, boy, girl) and the first person places a piece of lifesaver candy onto the toothpick in their mouth and then -WITHOUT USING THEIR HANDS- must pass it to the next persons toothpick. Keep passing the lifesaver around the circle.

If the lifesaver drops, then the two people involved in trying to pass it must kiss. After it is dropped or after it makes it all the way around the circle then the girls must switch places with another girl to mix it up a little.

Top 10 Kissing Party games for teens
twister with a twist!

Don’t discount this game as just for children it is the perfect teen party game to help you get up close and personal with your crush!

Spin the dial. It lands on Right Hand Green. All players must place their right hand on a green circle. Spin again. Now it lands on Left Hand Blue. Keeping their right hand on the green circle, all players must now place their left hand on a blue circle.

Players continue in this fashion as they weave their way through the colorful board. Fall down or let your knee touch the ground, and it's over for you! You gotta kiss the last person who fell!

Top 10 Kissing Party games for teens
the kiss & tell party challenge

Have the guys one at a time sit in a chair and place their hands behind their back. Blindfold him and have each girl come up and give him a kiss somewhere on his face. After every kiss the guy has to try and guess who the kiss came from. Have someone standing by to record his answers.

The guy that guesses the most kissers correctly is crowned Casanova! This game is even better if you have every girl slather on the lipstick before the kiss. Make sure you take pictures of the guys face being covered with lipstick prints. It’s hilarious.

Top 10 Kissing Party games for teens
kiss... a card game

In this kissing game you’ll need one set of playing cards for every two people. Divide each deck into black and red cards. Pass a black set to every guy and a red set to every girl.

Everyone sits in a circle and turns one card over at the same time. No one is allowed to look at their cards just shuffle them and hold them in a stack.

If any of the red cards match any of the black cards those two people must kiss. For example if a girl turns up a red queen of hearts and a guy flips up black queen of spades those two get to kiss.

Top 10 Kissing Party games for teens
bobbing for cherries

This is a crazy relay race where teens are divided into boy girl couples. No hands are allowed to be used at any time in this relay race. The girls start by using their mouth to scoop one of four cherries out of their team’s cup. The cups should be shallow cups or bowls. Those plastic champagne cups work perfectly. 

Next, she must run the cherry over to her partner, who is waiting with a toothpick in his mouth. She stabs the cherry through the toothpick and then takes the toothpick from her partner so that he can run back and retrieve the next cherry. The race continues until one team has all four cherries on their toothpick!!

Top 10 Kissing Party games for teens

In this kissing game players must connect with who they want to kiss, it's all about the eye contact!

Everyone forms an even circle and puts their heads down and on the count of three looks up at another player. Once you have locked eye contact with another you CANNOT look away. 

The players that connect (make eye contact) must kiss.  

Top 10 Kissing Party games for teens
lady & the tramp shuffle

Divide everyone into couples and supply each couple with a stick of dry spaghetti. Each couple must hold one end of the spaghetti noodle in their mouths while dancing to the music. 

If the spaghetti stick breaks then the couple must retrieve the longest piece, put it back in their mouths, and continue dancing for the rest of the song. By the end of the song some couple’s may find that their spaghetti sticks have disappeared between their lips.

You can give prizes for those who have the longest sticks at the end of every song, or you can switch up couples and play again.

Top 10 Kissing Party games for teens
truth or dare

Of course I had to mention the infamous game of Truth or Dare! This game can be tons of fun if you know how to play. Don’t make all the dares about kissing someone else because this gets old fast. Mix in some other fun dares to really make it a party to remember. For a fun list of truth or dares check out my teen truth or dare section. This page also has some fun versions of teen truth or dare games.

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