Teen Superhero Party Ideas

by Casey
(Washington DC)

teen superhero theme party

teen superhero theme party

How to throw an awesome teen superhero party!

I had a superhero party for my 15th birthday, it was AWESOME! I assigned all my friends to be either a villain or a superhero, I divided them equally for teams, half superhero, half villain. I told them they could pick a favorite to dress up as (like one from marvel) or they could create their own superhero or villain.

One of my girlfriends created ?Fashion girl? a superhero whose mission it was to eliminate all fashion victims from the world. Super girlie, but cute and fitting for her personality. Some came as couples. I had Spiderman and Mary Jane, Superman and Lois Lane, or Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible girl from fantastic four.

I gave prizes for
- Best costume
- Most creative character creation
- Evilest villain
- Best Superhero

For Games I had used a few I had found off this site, but altered to fit the superhero party theme and teen age group.

Battle of the radioactive oranges

We played battle of the oranges, changed name of game to radioactive orange just to fit the theme. Villains and superheroes took turns battling each other. To play both were given a large plastic mixing spoon with a small orange in it. The object was to knock their opponents orange out of its spoon while protecting yours. The contenders had to stay inside a six foot circle that I drew with sidewalk chalk on the driveway. They were not allowed to hit, push, pull, kick, or trip each other. They just went for the orange. This game lead to some hysterical ?battles?.

Sock Wrestling War

Another game we played was sock war. This was considered the ultimate battle between good and evil. To play everyone got down on their hands and knees and entered the arena (large space I set up in my basement) wearing socks. The object was to pull the other teams socks off their feet while keeping your own. If both your socks get removed then you must leave the ring. The last player left determines the winner of good vs. evil.

For this game I purchased new socks to be used. Fresh socks are just better to use with teenagers?nough said.

Spidey Obstacle Course

This was a hysterical superhero game I set up a simple obstacle course using cushions, sheets, and chairs. One player was blindfolded and their partner had to lead them through the obstacle course using only their voice. I set plastic spiders all over the course. The object was for the blindfolded player to collect as many spiders as they could in one minute. Afterward the players switched roles and went again. Whichever team collected the most spiders won!

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