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This is a new section I am adding, not only for those parents looking for a game for their child's specific party theme, but also for the many teachers and educators that have contacted me raving about how well some of my other hunts have worked out in their classroom and asking if I had more that would compliment their current curriculum. Fun and amusement are my first priority when creating my scavenger and treasure hunt games, but that does not mean some learning can't hop on that bandwagon!

These educational scavenger hunt games are just like my other Signature scavenger hunt games in that they do not follow the rules as to what one often thinks about as a scavenger hunt. These are nothing like the traditional scavenger hunts where you are just given a list of objects to find - each game comes with it's own adventure and mission.

NOTE:  I have also included educational treasure hunt games in this section.  The only difference between a scavenger hunt and a treasure hunt is that one has you searching for clues that are spread out and hidden sporadically throughout the playing area (like an Easter Egg hunt) and the other has you solve clues to get you from one clue to the next.


Each player is assigned a specific snake and must find the hidden facts that go with it to discover the secret treasure location!


Players use the periodic table and pop culture knowledge decipher clues. This hunt can be played anywhere because you decide the hiding locations.

famous scientist hunt

Players race to find the fact cards that match their assigned scientist, then put together the secret clue to discover where the treasure is hidden!

Story Book Lovers

Perfect for young reader's, featuring 10 tried and true classics! Find the pictures that match the book, then put together the clues to find the hidden prize!

AGES 4-7

Black History Hunt

Great for Black History Month - this educational game makes learning about the great historical American fun and exciting!

Ages 10 and up

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PICTURE SCAVENGER HUNTS:  These hunts were created for the younger crowd because they use few to zero words (incorporating pictures for clues instead) and focus on cooperative play instead of competitive play.

INDOOR TREASURE HUNTS: These are the classic treasure hunts that you would be familiar with. Clues lead to specific locations in a household.

SIGNATURE SCAVENGER GAMES: My signature scavenger hunt games are my pride and joy. I have something for all ages. These are nothing like the traditional scavenger hunts where you are just given a list of objects to find - each game comes with it's own adventure and mission.

SIGNATURE TREASURE HUNTS: My signature treasure hunts allow you to play the hunt ANYWHERE because you choose the locations.  I have done all the hard work of coming up with a variety of exciting, engaging clues for a variety of clues - all you have to do is decide where you are going to hide them.

SIGNATURE TRIVIA HUNTS: These are much like my Signature Treasure Hunts. The Twist is that the clues in these hunts incorporate trivia questions and trivia games to challenge players on their knowledge of the given theme.


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