dIY Baby Name Reveal
escape room plan

This plan offers the ultimate fun and exciting way to reveal your new babies name to your friends and family. 

Our budget friendly DIY Baby Name Reveal Escape Room plan involves multiple challenges and puzzles guests must solve in order to discover your chosen baby name. 

Each challenge is color coded and coordinates with a printable CodeBuster baby bottle that when placed on the 'Reveal Wheel' will reveal one letter of the name.  Solve all the challenges to get all the letters - Call out the babies name to Escape the room and eat some cake.  

DIY Baby Name Reveal Escape ROom
First, OUR exclusive codebusters!

This Escape Room plan is designed around our one of a kind printable game CodeBusters.  The Baby Name Reveal edition of CodeBusters includes 9 printable CodeBuster baby bottle cards each a different color to coordinate with the different colored challenges found throughout the game. 

Each colored bottle will reveal a different letter of the name so if your name is only 5 letters long you will only use five of the Codebuster bottles and five of the challenges. If your chosen baby name is more than 9 letters I suggest you give your guests a free letter hint and play the game for the rest of the letters. 

Each CodeBuster Bottle features a lock image that you will use a hole punch to remove the keyhole circle - once this is done it is ready to be used on the printable 'Reveal Wheel'. Players will line up the bottles nipple with the correct number (one they will learn by solving that colors challenge) and a letter will show through the keyhole. All the letters on the Reveal Wheel are editable so you can type in the letters of your baby name in the correct slots (it's super easy!) before you print.  Once printed it is ready to play!


DIY baby name reveal escape room plan
the letter


  • Printable Editable Letter (included in this set)

The game starts with a letter that the players are given.  The letter not only introduces the game, clues are also scattered throughout the letter that will help the players with other challenges.  The letter is editable so that you can change it if need be to fit your escape room.

The letter also has color coded boxes on the bottom that players can write the code number discovered with each challenge, when they get them all they are ready to win the game! 

DIY baby name reveal escape room plan
the lock box


  • Box that can be locked with a padlock
  • Choose your own combination lock (like this one on amazon)
  • Printed Codebuster Bottles and Decoder Wheel (included in this set)

You'll want players solve all the challenges before they are able to use the CodeBuster Bottles and Decoder Wheel.  This prevents them from possibly figuring out the name with just some of the letters.  You want the name to be a complete surprise when finally revealed.  

To achieve this you will need to lock the CodeBuster Bottles and Decoder Wheel in a box.  In the letter players will read:

You'll need to solve 9 challenges to learn what we decided,
but orange, purple, pink, and green will get you inside it.

Now, the letter is editable so if your baby name reveal is less than 9 letters you can change the the number to match the letters in the name. Players will at least have to solve six challenges because they can't solve Orange without solving Brown, and they can't solve Pink without solving Yellow.  But Once they do solve Orange, Purple, Pink, and Green they will be able to use those numbers as the code to open the box and get to the Baby Bottle CodeBusters and Reveal Wheel.  If your baby name is shorter than six letters - simply only include as many Codebusters as you have letters in your chosen Baby Name.  

For example if your baby name is Gwen. Players would still need to solve the minumum of six challenges (so they can open the box) but when they do open the lock box they will only find four Bottle CodeBusters Brown, Orange, Yellow, and Pink.  When they point each Baby CodeBuster to the number that was the answer to that colors challenge one of the letters will appear, all together spelling G-W-E-N.  

brown challenge: waste not, want not


  • 14 baby diapers
  • brown waste basket
  • Printable Baby Picture Code (included in set)
  • Coded Message (included in set)

Cut the Baby Picture Decoder into 13 strips as shown in picture. Place each one of those strips in a diaper.  In the 14th diaper place the coded message, which is a riddle to which the answer is the number seven.  Fold the diapers onto itself as if it were dirty and toss it into the hampers.   

Players must discover the contents of the brown waste basket and solve the riddle to discover the code number for the brown challenge is seven. The baby picture decoder will also be used again for the Orange Challenge.

ORANGE challenge: COded Word Search


  • 8x8 Picture Frame (optional)
  • Printable Coded Word Search (included in set)
  • Printable Baby Picture Code (discovered in yellow challenge)
  • Printable list of baby items (included in set)
  • Printable blank grid (included in set)

Frame the Coded word search and place it/ hang it somewhere in your escape room.  Players must use the baby picture code to decode the pictures and fill in the word search using the blank grid provided. Next they must find and cross out all the words found from the printable baby item list.  There will be five letters unused once all the words are found.  Those five letters spell out THREE.  The number 3 is the code number for the Orange Challenge. 

yellow Challenge: Baby NAME BOOK


  •  Baby Name Book

There is a clue in the letter that reads:

The yellow challenge might be a bit tricky for you,
You’ll discover it’s meaning when you find Drew.
You’ll need to find it, before you can solve pink -
It will help you choose which bottle to drink.

This clue is intended to lead players to the baby name book.  When they look up the name DREW they not only find the instruction card for the Pink Challenge - hopefully they will take a closer look and realize certain letters on the pages they found it between have been highlighted - the letters E-L-E-V-E-N (which you can use a highliter to highlight in no specific order).  The code number for the Yellow challenge is 11.  

PINK challenge: The Six Bottles


  • Six Baby Bottles
  • 2 liter of coke/pepsi other black liquid of your choice.
  • black marker
  • Six Bottle Labels (included in set)
  • Challenge Instructions (included in set)

Using a black marker write the words: fourteen, nine, five, eleven, twelve, and two down the side of the bottles.  Make sure to use a marker that will not wipe off.  Place one label on each bottle, making sure that the bottle FIVE gets label B.  Fill the bottles with coke so that the written words are no longer visible because of the black liquid. Display the bottles with their labels. The Challenge Instructions will be found in the Baby Book from the Black Challenge.

The Challenge Instructions explain that the labels for each bottle also include two statements. One Bottle states all lies, one bottle states all truth, the other four bottles have one truth and one lie.  With that information players must determine which bottle holds the secret code number.  They all have a number written in case players try to drink them all, but only one number is correct.  The answer is Bottle B, the number 5 is the code number for the Pink Challenge. 

PURPLE Challenge: The Missing Puzzle Piece

Supplies Needed:

  •  Two printable puzzles (included in set) 
  •  2 small Purple gift bag or box

Included in your download are two puzzles.  The first puzzle creates an adorable picture of a baby laying among lilacs, except for the fact that a piece is missing to complete it.  Cut this puzzle along the lines to create a 19 piece puzzle. Place the puzzle pieces in the purple gift bag or box. 

The second puzzle is made of of 20 random puzzle pieces. One of those pieces is the missing piece of the first puzzle.  On the back of each piece of the misfit puzzle pieces write the numbers 1-20 - making sure that the number 4 is written on the back of the piece that goes to the first puzzle(bottom left hand corner). Now p
lace all 20 of those puzzle pieces in the other purple gift bag or box.  

Player must discover both puzzles.  If they discover the Baby in the Lilacs puzzle first they will put it together to discover a missing piece, they won't be able to figure out the clue until they find the misfit puzzle and realize that it contains the missing piece to the first puzzle.  The number on the back (4) is the code number for the purple challenge. 

green Challenge: The Lost zzz's


  • The 48 Z cards (included in set)
  • Marker

When the baby comes the sleep often goes more often than not.  In this challenge players must find all the Lost Z cards - there are 48 of them.  They are even numbered 1-48.  But what happens when they find all the Lost ZZZ's? They can determine it is the green challenge easily enough since all the Z cards are green - but how do they discover what the code number is for this challenge? 

To solve this challenge players will need to be clever indeed.  They must stack the cards in order and then when they look at the stack of the cards from the side the code number will be revealed.  

To set up this challenge simply print and cut out the 48 Z card squares. Stack them in order and then with a marker write the code number on the side.  The code number for this challenge is 9.  Now mix up the cards and hide them throughout the playing area.

RED challenge: Baby Food taste test


Gerber Baby Food in these flavors:

  • Sweet Potato Banana Orange
  • Apples Wild Blueberry
  • Banana Blueberry
  • Pear Carrot Pea
  • Pear Zucchini

Also Needed: 

  • Spoons
  • Printable Baby Food Grid (included in set)
  • Red Grid Markers (included in set)

Remove label from all five containers of baby food.  Players must taste test all the baby food and detertime what flavor they are then they must cover all the squares on the grid that represent those 5 flavors.  When all flavors are covered up correctly the number 15 will appear. The number 15 is the code number for the red challenge. 

Blue challenge: An odd Assortment


  • Teddy Bear (or other baby item that begins with T)
  • Hat (or other baby item that begins with H)
  • Infacol ( or other baby item that begins with I)
  • Rattle (or other baby item that begins with R)
  • Thermometor /teether (or other baby item that begins with T)
  • Elmo doll / Elephant doll (or other baby item that begins with E)
  • E45 Cream / Enfamil (or other baby item that begins with E)
  • Nail Clippers (or other baby item that begins with N)
  • Blue Basket

For this game include all the eight baby items in a blue basket (to signify the blue challenge).  Players must determine that the letter the each item begins with is the puzzle.  When they discover this they can unscramble the letters to create the word THIRTEEN.  There is a hint in The Letter that will help them out.  The number 13 is the code number for the Blue Challenge. 

BUDGET FRIENDLY ALTERNATIVE:  Included with this set are printable polaroid images of the items if you would rather not have to purchase all the actual items.  You can string them up on a blue ribbon with clothspins, or use blue push pins to hang them on a corkboard.  It's up to you, just remember to incorporate the color blue so they can know what challenge it is. 

BLACK Challenge: Bonus Challenge


  • glow in the dark paint
  • the letter (included in set)

The odds are your chosen baby name is less than nine letters long.  But here is an additional challenge just in case. On the back of The Letter, using the glow in the dark paint, write the number 8.  This challenges assigned color is black because players have to turn off the lights to see it.  You will need to make sure there is not other source of light (such as sunlight) lighting up the room once the lights are turned off.  To solve the puzzle players simply needs to turn off the lights to find the clue. There is a hint in the letter.

look behind these words, to see the light,
but the darkness can only be seen at night.

Once the challenge is completed players will know the number 8 is the code number for the black challenge.

download the complete
Baby name reveal 
escape room printables now!
instant download $12.99

Your Baby Name Reveal Escape Room Printable Kit Includes: 

  • Reveal Wheel (editable)
  • The Letter (editable)
  • 9 Baby Bottle CodeBusters
  • Brown Challenge Baby Decoder and Coded Riddle
  • Orange Challenge Coded Word Search, Word List, and Grid
  • Pink Challenge Instructions and Bottle Labels with Riddles
  • Alternative Blue Challenge Polaroid Images (8)
  • Red Challenge Baby Food Grid and Red Markers
  • 2 Purple Challenge Puzzles
  • 48 Green Challenge Z Cards

Your printable game will arrive within minutes in printable PDF files.  This is a digital purchase - No physical product will be mailed.  If you do not see it in your email please check your junk folder before you contact us - that is the usual culprit. If you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear from you!  Contact us at:

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