Baby Shower Guessing Games

Baby Shower Guessing Games are full of fun and easy to do. With all the planning that goes into a Baby Shower, creating games shouldn't add to your list. Here are a few Guessing and a couple of Baby Shower Wordplay Games that I'm sure will keep your guests smiling and well, guessing. Just take note and get ready for some fun games you can't resist.

Baby Shower Guessing Games
Measure Mommy

This is a fun little guessing game that takes very little to complete. All you need is yarn, string or toilet paper to measure with and scissors. Have each guest size up the mommy’s belly and use their measuring item to guess how much it would take to go around her belly. The one with the closest guess wins.

Baby Shower Guessing Games
baby shower family feud

Download our Baby Shower Family Feud game to play at your shower.  It's great for a group of girls and perfect for a co-ed party.  

This game is an interactive PowerPoint party game.  It features eight survey question boards that let you reveal answers and give strikes just like on the game show Family Feud.  

Our version (Friendly Feud) includes fun themed sound effects, baby centric survey questions, and an exciting Lightning Round to wrap the game up.  

See Details / See Sample Cards


Baby Shower Guessing Games
What's Inside the Diaper Bag?

This is a memory game that you add on to a list of items found in a diaper bag. The first person starts off with an item found in the diaper bag. For example, “You will find diapers in a diaper bag”. The next person will say, “You will find diapers and wipes in a diaper bag”. Then the next person will say, “You will find diapers, wipes and a bib in a diaper bag”. This continues until the guests can’t remember everything or they run out of items. The last person that successfully remembers the order and adds something on to the list wins.

Baby Shower Guessing Games
Baby Toss

Hand your guest a baby doll and have the other guest standing spread out. The mission is to toss the baby to someone and they have to say something related to babies.

If someone repeats something someone has already said or takes more than a couple seconds to say something they are out. It keeps going until only one person is left and they are the winner.

Baby Shower Guessing Games
Price is Right

Now is your chance to be the fantastic Bob Barker but without the skinny little microphone of course. You will need to purchase several inexpensive simple baby items like lotion, wipes, powder, a bottle, a teething ring and place them in a basket. Have your guests come on down and look at the basket to try and guess how much it would cost to purchase all the items. The one with the closest guess wins. A bonus to this game is that you can send the basket home with the mommy or use the items for the next game.

Baby Shower Guessing Games
Baby Face-Off

Have each guest supply you with a picture of themselves as babies. On a poster board you will tape each picture with a number under it. At the bottom list each guests name with a letter next to it.

As your guests arrive have pen and paper ready for them to write down their guesses on. The one with the most correct wins a prize. This game is always fun because childhood pictures bring up great conversation starters and lots of laughter.

Baby Shower Guessing Games
Baby Talk

As your guests arrive give them each a diaper pin to wear on their shirt. Inform them that they are to refrain from saying the word baby. If they are caught saying baby then the person who heard it gets to take their pin. They can earn a pin back by catching someone else saying baby. The person with the most pins at the end of the party wins a prize.

Baby Shower Guessing Games
What's in the Bag?

Before the shower you will need to purchase some baby related items. You can purchase lunch size brown paper bags or reuse your plastic grocery bags if they are dark and then you will need a marker, paper and pens. Put one item in each bag, close it and mark it will a number. Have the guests pass the bags around and write down their guesses on a sheet of paper. The one with the most correct guesses wins.


Baby Shower Guessing Games
Sweet Stinky Diapers

Baby Shower Games are good for a laugh and indeed this one will do so. You will need to purchase several different candy bars and just as many diapers. Before your guests arrive you will need to write a number on the front of each diaper with marker. Melt down each candy bar and smear one in each diaper. Write down which candy bar is in which diaper. Once the guests have arrived give them each a pen and paper then have them sit in a circle. They will pass the diapers around sniffing each one and trying to guess what type of candy bar is in that sweet stinky diaper. The one with the most guesses wins. A cute and inexpensive idea for a prize is to give them a candy bar bouquet with each candy bar used in it.

Baby Shower Guessing Games
How Many?

Using a Mason jar or Baby Bottle, you will need to fill it will some type of candy. Mints, jelly beans or M&M’s work great. Have your guests write down what they think the correct amount is in the container. Whoever has the closest guess wins and gets to take the container of goods home with them.

Baby Shower Guessing Games
Baby Food Taste Off

Purchase several jars of baby foods and remove the labels. Number each one with a marker and keep a personal log of which flavor is which so you don’t forget.  Line them up on a table and put popsicle sticks in front of each container with paper and pen for your guests. They are to try each flavor and do their best to guess what it is. The guest with the most correct answers wins.

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