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The Halloween party ideas below are great if your looking for something fun and unique to do this October.  I have a little something for everyone; kids, teens, adults.   I am always looking for new ideas to add so if you would like to share your ideas let me know.  Let the fun begin!

Fear Factor Theme

My Fear Factor theme party ideas and printables are used all year round, but they are especially popular around Halloween time.  What could be more fun than challenging your friends with scary and gross challenges.  What's your Fear Factor?

Horror Theme party

If you are a horror buff why not take advantage of this time of year and invite your friends over for a Horror Party.  Warning: these games are not for the timid or tame of heart. 

Outdoor Halloween
Party Games For Kids

Planning on having a outdoor Halloween party. Check out these outdoor kids Halloween party games to add some spooktacular fun!

interactive  PARTY GAME

This game is PERFECT for Halloween parties with friends and families, especially if you have a smart TV to play this interactive Powerpoint game on.  It will give you the full Family Feud Game Show experience.  

kids zombie apocalypse party

Does your kid want a Halloween party but looking for something with a little more edge than bobbing for apples.  Look no further than a kids themed Zombie Apocalypse Party!

Casper Scare School

Casper is sent to Scare school to learn how to be more scary.  He meets friends and foes and has a blast along the way.  If your child is interested in having a Casper Scare School theme party you have got to check out these party game ideas and printables

Totally Gross
PArty Theme

If your child wants to celebrate all things gross, dirty, and disgusting then this is the theme for them!

HAlloween Printable Scavenger Hunts

We have created a number of unique Halloween scavenger hunt games to take your party to the next level.  These aren't your grandma's scavenger hunts! 


Bring your Walking dead bash back from the dead with these awesome WD themed games! - ADULTS


Bring all the madness of this cult classic into the ultimate Halloween party!  I see you shivering with anitici....pation!

Vampire theme

Vampires are quintessential Halloween.  If you are a fan of the fang check out  a vamp party maybe just the theme you are looking for.


This Halloween card game is great for all ages - race to be the first player to get rid of all your cards by matching them faster your opponents. 

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