top 10 Vampire diaries party games

Welcome to Mystic Falls! It's time to get ready for the Vampire Diaries party of your dreams! These fun DIY games are not only easy to set up but super fun to play. These games will spark the competitive nature of all your guest and have them raving about this party for weeks to come. 

Vampire diaries party game
who said it?

This game will require a judge/host whoever is assigned this role will need a list of quotes and the corresponding character who said each one. You can do this yourself or we have an attached free PDF you can use. For this your host will say a quote and the first person to correctly call out who said it gets a point. I suggest one guess per person per quote and also a system for guesses like who raises their hand first or who rings a bell first. You are gonna go through all the quotes and whoever gets the most points wins.

Vampire diaries party game
drinking with damon

This game is strictly for our 21 plus Vampire Diaries fans. For this you are going to watch the show and make a guideline of rules on when to drink - or just borrow this one from reddit.

Some of the guidelines can be drink when the year is mentioned, take a shot when ”Damon walks in shirtless”, and take a shot when Elena runs away from something. 

Vampire diaries party game
team stefan or damon

The ongoing debate millions of fans discuss. Are you team Damon or Stefan? This game is full on debate. You are going to allow your party guest to split into the two sides and talk, discuss, and research why they are superior. You also will need to decide on an unbiased judge. Once each team is well prepared it’s time to fight to find the superior brother. The judge can make their own scoring system or whatever they would like and they will decide which team defends and fights for their boy the best.

Vampire diaries party game
alive, dead, or been dead

Through the series of vampire diaries people die, live, come back alive, and sometimes die several times. The challenge of this game is to go through the list of characters and identify the state of their life. Have your guest try to be the first to say correctly for that character. For example “What is Vicki Donovan's state of life?”. The correct answer would be dead and then I would allow extra points to be earned if they can name how many times they may have died before their current state. The player who guesses the most amount correctly wins.

Vampire diaries party game
who'd make the best ripper?

This party game is hysterically fun! You’ll need a baby bottle for each player. Fill each bottle with red punch,red kool-aid, or any blood colored drink. Give one to each guest who's participating and on the start of go everyone must suck the baby bottle dry. First one done is the official best blood sucker!

Vampire diaries party game
pin the tail on the werewolf

A Vampire Diaries spin on the classic pin the tail on the donkey.The blindfolded guest is spun around until he or she is disoriented. The guest walks around and tries to pin the tail on the werewolf. The player who pins their tail closest to the target wins. 

Vampire diaries party game
kathrine or elena

For this game you will need a list of scenarios some that Katherine took place in and some that Elena took place in. Mix all these up. Then you will say the scenarios out loud and allow the guest to fight to say who correctly fits in the scenario first. In the end whoever has the most correct answers and gained the most points wins.

Vampire diaries party game
bonnies brew

For this game you will be guessing what’s in Bonnie's brew. To set this game up you will need to combine cornstarch, dish soap, food coloring and water in a blender. This is your “brew” put this in a bowl or a cauldron and then you are going to place an item inside such as a toy snake. Then have the players blind fooled and reach their hand and allow the guest to guess what is in the brew. Replace the item a few times and see who can guess the most correctly.

Vampire diaries party game
bloody jello race

This is a hilarious vampire theme game that you will definitely want to have your camera ready for. Provide each guest with a pair of plastic toy vampire teeth that want to play. Every player takes their seat at the table in front of a bowl full of cherry (or any red colored) jello with a cherry at the bottom.

Player place their hands behind their backs and on the start of go must race to be the first to retrieve their  cherry WITH their vampire teeth. 

Vampire diaries party game
compelling 101

This is a fun party game where everyone huddles around in a circle arms over the others shoulders. Everyone puts their heads down and on the count of three looks up at another player.

If two people find that they are looking at each other then they both scream and fall down dead. They are out and the next round begins. Keep playing until only two players are left. This teen party game is best with a medium to larger group of friends.

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