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You’ve found the right place. My Tinkerbell birthday party ideas are full of unique and fun games and activities. I have plenty of D.I.Y games for those creative parents, plus many games and activities that you can purchase for those looking for simple and convenient. I designated a full page to these fairy party games.

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Games

Pass the Poison

Remember the scene in Peter Pan when, in order to save Peter’s life, Tink drinks the poison herself. In order to save her all the boys and girls in the world must clap their hands together and say “I believe in fairies”. In this game the guests sit in a circle and pass around the “poison” while the music is playing. When the music stops the player that is left holding the poison must fall into a deep sleep. All the other guests must clap their hands and yell out “I believe in fairies” until the poisoned fairy smiles or laughs. The game continues until all fairies have a chance to be brought back to life.

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Games

Tinkerbells Puzzle Hunt

This is great way to turn a tinkerbell floor puzzle into an awesome game. A floor puzzle is an oversized puzzle with giant pieces. In this game you hide the puzzle pieces all around the playing area and the little fairies work as a team to find them all and put together the puzzle. Afterwards they can be rewarded with prizes for all. Plus the puzzle doubles as a gift your child can enjoy long after the parties over. Here is the perfect puzzle for this game.

Disney Fairies Tinkerbell 46 Piece Floor Puzzle 36

Disney Fairies Tinkerbell 46 Piece Floor Puzzle 36"x24" only $14.99

Piece together your favorite fairies with this Disney Fairies Tinkerbell Floor Puzzle. This extra large puzzle features 3 Disney Fairies including Tinkerbell Silvermist and Rosetta. Disney Fairies Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure Floor Puzzle Features: * 46 extra large pieces for easy handling * Finished size: 36"x24" Great addition to your tinkerbell birthday party ideas. Recommended for ages 3 & up

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Games

Tinkerbells Tinker Challenge

Tinkerbells a tinker fairy. In this fun activity the children must use things they find in nature to create their own tinkers. They can make fairy houses, fairy furniture, fairy tools...anything their imagination can dream of. they can use sticks, leaves, nuts, rocks -anything they can find in nature. You can give out prizes for best creations or just do it for fun.

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Games

Tinker Bell Fairies Mini Tote Coloring 4-Pack

Tinker Bell Fairies Mini Tote Coloring 4-Pack

Tinker Bell Fairies Mini Tote Coloring 4-Pack. The little fairies will have a blast coloring and decorating their very own Tinkerbell tote. Perfect party favor!Get 4 for $12.99!

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Games

Tinkerbell Tattoos

Tinkerbell Tattoos

Tinkerbell Tattoos 12 $3.79

Add a little Tink to your treat bags! Each package of Tinkerbell temporary tattoos includes 2 sheets with 6 tattoos. Party guests will love going home with a fairy on their shoulder! Great Tinkerbell birthday party ideas for favors

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Games

Party Favorite ~ Tinkerbell Pinata

Tinkerbell Pinata

Tinkerbell Pinata $22.99

This adorable Tinkerbell pull-string pinata perfectly matches our other Tinkerbell party supplies, and it makes a great activity that doubles as a cute Tinkerbell party decoration. Adult supervision required.

Please note: Our Tinkerbell pinata's candy compartment is slightly smaller than the compartments in some of our other pinatas.font>

For more fairy games make sure you checked out my main fairy party games page below!


Awesome Affordable Tinkerbell Party Decorations and Supplies!!

Tinkerbell Banner

Tinkerbell Banner $4.29

Decorate the party area with a Tinkerbell birthday banner featuring a "Happy Birthday" message and images that coordinate with our Tinkerbell party supplies.

Tinkerbell Birthday Box

Tinkerbell Birthday Box $18.99

Get ready to go on a magical adventure with Tinkerbell and her new friends! This basic party package for 8 guests includes Tinkerbell party plates, cups, napkins, a table cover, cutlery, streamers, and candles. It's time to think happy thoughts and fly to your child's birthday celebration!

or check out the deluxe set

Tinkerbell Deluxe Box

Tinkerbell Deluxe Box $45.99

Get carried off to Pixie Hollow with the help of Tinkerbell and her friends. Our deluxe party package for 8 includes Tinkerbell supplies, decorations and birthday candles. Have a very fairy birthday with your favorite pixie pal!

Tinker Bell Cake Topper

Tinker Bell Cake Topper $9.99

"Includes 1 plastic 3 1/2"" x 4"" figurine."

Tinkerbell Deluxe Favor Set

Tinkerbell Deluxe Favor Set $5.99

Tinkerbell invites you to think happy thoughts and fly off to Neverland with our Tinkerbell Deluxe favors. Each magical set includes one set of Disney Tinkerbell favors, favor box, and crinkle paper. We also offer basic and ultimate party favor sets

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