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Let the teenage birthday party games continue with more awesome teen party games!! Make sure to check out all our awesome pages of party games for your teen party. Some of the games are wacky, while others are active. Some will make you laugh others will jumpstart your competitive edge. Some of the will do it all!

Teenage Birthday Party Games
Foot Volleyball

This fun indoor party game is a BLAST! Instead of a volleyball you use a balloon, and instead of hands you must use your feet!! Use a volley ball net if you have one, if not just use a piece of rope. Hang the net so that the TOP is only about 3 to 4 ft off the ground. To Play have everyone remove their shoes and divide them into teams. The teams take their sides of the net and everyone lays on their back. The rules are no touching the balloon with your hands except if your serving (then you can use your hand to throw it up in the air to kick it). Score just like you would for regular volleyball.

Fun Alternative:If your party is at night, connect glow in the dark necklaces to make your net and use a glow in the dark balloon for the volleyball. Turn off the lights and have a blast. Have everyone wear glow in the dark bracelets around their ankles and neck to avoid collisions.

Teenage Birthday Party Games
Celebrity - Who Am I?

This is a fun teen party icebreaker. Write names of famous celebrities on index cards and tape one to each guest’s back. Everyone can look at everyone else’s, but cannot see their own. Each guest must try to figure out who they are by asking yes and no questions to other guests.

Teenage Birthday Party Games
Know Your Lyrics

Before the party research popular song lyrics and create lyric clues by writing a verse or two from the song leaving blanks where a word (or a couple of the words) should be. Divide the guests into teams and read one lyric clue out loud. Give one team at a time a chance to guess, if they guess wrong then offer bonus points to the next team if they can answer it correctly. Give another point if the answer is sung!

Teenage Birthday Party Games
Truth or Dare Balloons

Before the party place write fun truth or dares onto slips of paper and each one into separate balloons before inflating it. For fun ideas for truth and dares check out my teen truth or dare section.

When it’s time to play the game turn on the music and have everyone bop one of the truth or dare balloons in the air while their dancing. If you let it touch the floor you have to pop it and complete the truth or dare. Plus, whenever the music stops whoever last touched the balloon must pop it and complete the truth or dare inside. After every round throw in a new truth or dare balloon. This game is soo awesome and very popular.

Teenage Birthday Party Games
M&M Hunt

Hide plastic Ziploc bags of m&m’s throughout the playing area. Guests can play in pairs or individually. When they find a bag they may only take three m&m’s from the bag in whatever colors they choose. Set a certain amount of time for the hunt, based on how many bags you’ve hidden. The more the better. Also, the more people you have the more bags you should hide. When time is up everyone should count up their points. Assign each color a point value, but don’t tell your guests what they are until you add up the points.

Teenage Birthday Party Games
Water War

This is the best water party game! Everyone needs to wear a white t-shirt, and some other clothes they don’t care about getting stained. Each team gets a color and food coloring to match. All their water ammo should be dyed this color. Divide guests into three or four teams. Make sure there is a good supply of water guns or water balloons for each team. The object of the game is simple, much like paint ball wars, shoot the members from other teams with your teams color and avoid getting hit yourself. Play until only one player remains. That player’s team wins!! This game is best played in a large area of land with plenty of stuff to hide behind.

Teenage Birthday Party Games
Battle of the Oranges

This teen party game is simple, but hilariously fun! Two opponents face off each holding a plastic mixing spoon with an orange in it. The object of the game is to knock your opponents orange out of their spoon without losing yours. Play tournament style to crown the King or Queen of the Orange Wars : P.

 Teenage Birthday Party Games
Rubber Truth

This is another seriously silly party game that will have everyone cracking up, in fact that’s the point! Have the guests sit in a circle and place the rubber chicken in the middle. If you don’t have a rubber chicken you can use a stuffed animal, but rubber chickens are the funniest. The person who is it must go to the middle and interact with the chicken in any way they can to make others laugh. The first person to laugh is it next.

Teenage Birthday Party Games 
Marshmallow Ball

The object of the game is to get as many marshmallows into your partners mouth from across the room. Everyone pairs up and one person from each team is designated the tosser the other is the catcher. Each tosser gets a bag full of marshmallows (you can use mini marshmallows or regular size). Divide the tossers and catchers at least five feet apart. Have the tossers on one side and the catchers on the other. On the start of go the tossers try to land as many marshmallows as they can into their partners mouth.

Teenage Birthday Party Games 

Gather up a crowd of party pals and take your next event from good to great with PARTINI! It's the party game for the laugh-out-loud crowd! Play six fun games with a delicious twist-and entertain your party pals for hours!


Mime Twist - Zip your lip and act it out!

Hum Punch - Hum it up in a musical challenge with no singing allowed!

Clay Smoothie - Mold and fold clay into objects that your teammates might recognize.

What Nots - Can you describe something by saying what it's NOT?

Straight Up - How well do you know your teammates? Write something true or funny about someone. Will you get picked for telling it like it is?

Shooters - Ready, aim, and fire plastic balls into plastic cups.

With a dash of drama, a splash of laughs and a double shot of silliness, you've got a happy hour that will last all evening long!

Teenage Birthday Party Games
M&M Mouth

This teen party game is just for fun and silliness. In this game you’ll need a big bowl of m&m’s or other multi colored candy, like skittles. Put them into a big bowl in the middle of the players circle. One player, WITHOUT LOOKING, must reach in and grab two candies. If the colors match they can eat them. If they do not, they must place them in their mouth and hold them there. The next player does the same and so on. You must keep stuffing the candies in your mouth until you get a match, only at this point are you allowed to chew and swallow. If you spit any of the candies out (or eat them), you are out. This is really hard when you are trying not to laugh.

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