Coolest Pirate Party Games for a Swashbuckling Kids Pirate Party!

Ahoy Matey’s, does your little buccaneer yearn for the pirate’s life? Need pirate party games to complete your kids theme birthday party? You’ve found the right place.

Check out my list of pirate games. I’m sure you’ll find the pirate party ideas that will be perfect for your kids pirate party. I have ideas for the creative D.I.Y moms and dads, and those looking for easy and simple games.

Just browse through my list to find the pirate party games that will put the ARRR in your PARRR-TY.

Kids Pirate Party Games
Pirate Duel on the Plank!

Any self-respecting pirate will know how to wield a sword, especially in desperate situations. Two pirate participants, armed with swords, step onto the plank and duel while maintaining their balance. The person to stay on the longest is the winner, and the next two pirates take their turns.

For this pirate game you will need a plank which you can make yourself with a long board. You don’t need to have it far off the ground (you don’t need any injuries) but you can prop it off the ground a little with concrete blocks, old tires, etc. Just make sure it is sturdy enough for the kids to stand on without wobbling.

You can make your own swords from those long balloons used for balloon animals or purchase fun inflatable theme swords (see Mutiny game below). As long as they are soft enough not to hurt anyone.

Kids Pirate Party Games
Cannonball Blast!

A black balloon is tied to a string and the other end of the string is clipped or tied around the pirates leg. When the whistle blow it’s every man for themselves as players try to pop the other players cannons while at the same time trying not to get their balloon popped. They must do this without using their hands. The player whose cannon ball last the longest wins!

Kids Pirate Party Games
Hook the Treasure

In this action packed game the pirates are divided into teams. One member from each team races against the clock to get pick up as much treasure as they can and rush it back to their teams treasure chest. After all the pirates have had their turn the team with the most treasure wins!

For this kids pirate party game you’ll need hooks. You can get creative and use candy canes. Keep them as they are or cover them with black tape for a more authentic feel. You can also purchase plastic pirate hooks at from our pirate supply section.

To create the treasure cove you can use a small kiddie pool, a large bucket, or you can just spread the treasure out over a rug. For treasure simply use plastic bead necklaces and rings (anything “hookable”). You can find these at your local dollar store or order them below. For treasure chest us plastic containers of any kind. You don’t need anything fancy. If you want you can decorate them with fun pirate symbols.

Kids Pirate Party Games
Man Overboard

Race to rescue all the men from Davey Jones locker by fishing them out of the sea. Each pirate is given a fishing pole. They race to fish out all the men from the sea. The sea can be a small kiddie pool is filled with shells, sharks, ships, and the pirates that have fallen overboard or it can be as simple as spreading the men over a blue sheet of tissue paper.

Make the fishing hooks by purchasing a set of magnets with the sticky glue on the back. I found mine in Wal-Marts craft section for $1.97. Connect magnets to a ribbon or string. I used toy diamond ring party favors I found at the dollar tree and stuck the magnet to the top and tied the ribbon around the ring. Then I tied the other end of the ribbon to a short dowel stick, which I found a set of 16 for $1 next to the magnets at Wal-Mart.

For men you can simply use plastic army men purchased at the dollar store. The kids really don’t care, their imaginations are usually much better than ours ; ). If you want the real deal, you can check our pirate supplies section. Then all you need to do is clip a paperclip around each figures foot. Voila! They are ready to be fished out.

These types of pirate party games can be played individually, in teams, or as a non-competitive game.

Kids Pirate Party Games
Cannonball Attack!

The pirates divide into teams and take their place behind their team’s pirate ship. Each team is given a set of cannon balls and when the whistle blows they try and get as many of their cannon balls through to the other teams ship. The team that has the least amount of balls in there ship when the whistle blows again wins. Play a couple rounds of this and then award all participants with a small prize.

For cannonballs use plastic ball pit balls or for a more budget friendly option simply use crumpled up balls of newspaper. I would make about 40-50 of them.

For ship you can create your own, or even better let the kids make them out of empty cardboard boxes. If they are younger you may need to help with the construction but you can let them decorate with markers and stickers. Use an old pillowcase and let each pirate team create their own flag.

To play space the ships out about 10-15 ft apart in the yard or party space. Create a line a few feet in front of each ship. Cannons can only be thrown from behind your teams line, but the little pirates are allowed to cross into the middle to retrieve cannons. Play four or five rounds lasting about 3 minutes each.

Kids Pirate Party Games
Printable Pirate Treasure Hunts

We have created THREE printable pirate treasure hunt riddles and clues. These printable treasure hunt riddles are easy to print out and hide in you party area for a swashbuckling good time. 

- Jr. Pirate Hunt: This hunt uses all pictures so it is perfect for junior pirates who haven't started reading yet.

- Pirate Treasure Hunt Riddles: Traditional treasure hunt game where players follow rhyming riddles from one location to the next to discover the treasure hidden somewhere in the home.


Pirate Scavenger Hunt:  Players work together to solve 10 different pirate puzzles, clues, games, and riddles. Each clue leads them to the next.  This game can be played anywhere because YOU decide the hiding locations.

Kids Pirate Party Games
Pass the Cannonball

This is one of my most popular kids pirate party ideas. In this game the little Pirates must try and keep the cannons in the air (black balloons) while the music is playing. When the music stops each pirate must grab a cannon. You draw the name of one of the pirate kids and that child must pop their balloon and complete the pirate challenge inside to win a prize. Start the music again and keep playing until every pirate has won a prize. You’ll need:

-Twice as many black balloons than participants. Start with a balloon for each guest then add a balloon after every round to keep it even. This makes sure everyone gets to continue to play and that the persons whose name you call will have a balloon.

-Before inflating balloons place a slip of paper with challenge written on it inside. For my free list of fun challenges click here.

-You can use any kind of music for this game. But consider purchasing an awesome pirate party songs CD to add to the theme. This will also be great mood setter for all your party pirate games and activities.

Kids Pirate Party Games

This is another best of the best pirate games,in my opinion, kids pirate party ideas for games. It needs to be played outdoors or in a large indoor space. The little pirates are all given swords (either foam or inflatable) and they must race to capture the captain. Every time the Captain is touched with the sword he must stand in spot until he gives away some of his booty ( candy) to be released. The game is played until the Captain runs out of candy. This game is also known as the human piñata.

The captain can be played by you or you can enlist another fun spirited adult to help (for a bonus have them dress up a little). Kids love chasing adults around, this pirate party game is always a hit. You just need a foam sword for each guest and a bag of piñata candy.

Kids Pirate Party Games
Peg Leg Relay

Need more kids pirate party ideas and games? How about a pirate relay race? Pirates are divided into two teams. One member from each team puts on a peg leg and race to the finish line and back to pass the peg leg to the next team member. The first team whose members all complete the race are declared the winners. You make the peg leg by taking a large coffee can and poking two holes in it- one on each side directly under the bottom of the can. String twine (or other tough string) through the holes and tie the ends together to create a rope handle. The rope handle should be long enough for the child to stand on the can and grab the handle without hunching. You’ll need two.

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