Planning an Amazing Race Party
Ideas, Pit Stops, Clues and More!

This page is dedicated to Amazing Race party ideas that can help make your Amazing Race theme party one to be remembered. The Amazing Race is a reality game show where teams race against each other in a global scavenger hunt. The teams must make specific stops called “pit stops” where they will complete different challenges to gather clues that will help them move forward in the game.

The following amazing race ideas were created to help you throw your own American Race theme party on a smaller scale. I have 6 pit stop clues and challenge ideas, 1 detour challenge, and 2 roadblock challenges. The clues and challenges will take your friends on a wild chase around town and then back to your house or other party destination to celebrate. Follow this step by step guide and your friends will be talking about this party for months to come! This theme is a great one sweet 16 parties, teens, and even adults.


Amazing Race Party Ideas
Step 1: Guest List / Invitations

Any fan of the Amazing Race will recognize the infamous black and yellow clue envelopes that are used on the Amazing Race. Recreate your own version of these for fun themed invitations to set the tone for your Amazing Race party. Another idea is make your invitations look like a passport. If you are not the DIY type, take a look at our Amazing Race party printable for downloadable invitations.

Amazing Race Party Ideas
Step 2: Plan your Pit Stops, Challenges, and Clues

Make sure you include any additional supplies the players may need for each clue. Below you will see an example Amazing Race party plan that includes all of these. Feel free to use these ideas as is, or come up with some fun challenges and clues of your own. Some decide to have their party in one location such as a park, mall, or even the Zoo.

The Amazing Race party ideas below are for a race that will involve contestants solving clues that will lead them to different destinations around town where they will be given challenges to complete at that location. You’ll need to see to any preparations needed for each individual pit stop and create and print out packets for each team that includes clues and details for each pit stop.

Amazing Race Party Ideas
Step 3: Recruit Volunteers

You’ll need several volunteers to be drivers / witnesses in the race, you’ll need one for each team. Their job will be to witness the players completing challenges, make sure the rules of each challenge are being followed , and driving the whole team to the different pit stops. They are also responsible for giving out the new clue after each challenge is completed, and passing out the new challenge envelopes. The witness must be unbiased and must not provide help, advice, or even hints to their team whatsoever.

Amazing Race Party Ideas
Step 4: Plan for the Post-Race Party

This usually includes food, cake, and the usual birthday party fun stuff. I was not able to find actual amazing race party decorations kit so I suggest the following ideas:

  • Red and yellow balloons, or I've even seen globe balloons (how awesome is that)
  • Hang inflatable globes from the ceiling .
  • Maps of the world hung on the wall
  • Printed out pictures world icons such as the Eifel tower, Pyramids, Grand Canyon, Great Wall of China..etc. I hung these up throughout my party area.
  • Race checkered plates, cups, and table ware.

Amazing Race Party Ideas
Step 5: Create the Teams

When guests arrive you will need to divide them into teams, each one can consist of 2-4 contestants depending on how many guests you invited. Each team should be given an identifying color and will hence be called by that color. Sometimes teams can create a complimentary addition to their names such as RED Fireballs or PURPLE Panthers. Next assign each team to a driver and explain the rules.

Amazing Race Party Ideas
Step 6: Set a Course for Each Team

On the show the teams are all racing to the same pit stop at once, but for party purposes it is best to start all the teams out with different destination clues. This helps challenges not get backed up and it also creates an element of mystery because even if you run across another group you won’t know exactly where they are in the race. Every team must visit every pit stop, but they will just do it in different orders. The witness drivers should know the order of their route ahead of time, and be prepared to pass the clues out in that order.

Amazing Race Party Ideas
Step 7: Ready, Set,...RACE!

Below is an example Amazing Race party plan. You can use this exact one or create your own. Purchase our unofficial Amazing Race printables for clue cards, team badges, car tags, and more. Make sure that each witness has certain supplies with them for the race. They should have a digital camera, cell phone (only the witness), small amount of cash, and anything else needed to complete the pit stop challenges.


Amazing Race Party Ideas for Pit Stops
Destination: MALL

Clue card reads:

In this place you’ll find a court,

And horses that go round and round,

Statues of people that appear almost real,

and a place to find your lost and found.

The answer is the mall which most malls usually have a food COURT, a mechanical horse merry go round, mannequins, and a lost and found. After the players figure out the destination, the witness can give them the challenge details. For the mall challenges I chose three funny challenges that the team had to complete at the mall before receiving their next clue. They had to take a picture of the players completing each challenge. The challenge details read:

  • Take a picture of each person on the team hugging a mannequin.
  • Get an “autograph” from 3 random people in the mall.
  • Take a picture of each person in the group going the wrong way on the escalator

ROAD BLOCK! After the team has completed their challenge they will be hit with a road block. The witness will pull out the roadblock challenge which reads:

One person from your team must enter the American Eagle store and sing the National Anthem to the store clerk. Your team can decide among yourselves who will do it.

After all three tasks and the road block challenge have been completed the players can receive their next clue riddle.

Amazing Race Party Ideas for Pit Stops
Destination: PLAYGROUND

Clue card reads:

Stop HANGING around and SWING into action.

Go to a place where you found childhood satisfaction.

Don’t let your game SLIDE, stop PLAYING around,

Hurry and get over to this fun loving GROUND.

After they solve the clue (which is a local playground) the witness can give them the challenge details which read:

Take a trip to memory lane, it is time to PLAY! Complete all of these fun playground challenges to receive your next clue! Don’t forget to take pictures!

  • Everyone must slide down the slide backwards, face first, and then all at once.
  • One player must push another on the swings and then do the underdog. That is where you push the other so high and then run under the swing.
  • At least one player must hang upside down from the jungle gym or monkey bars for 60 seconds.
  • Play one round of follow the leader around the entire playground.

After all the tasks have been completed the witness reveals the next clue.

Amazing Race Party Ideas for Pit Stops

Clue card reads:

No need to go to Japan to reach the next destination,

But get your taste buds ready for some funky exploration.

Just find a place with Asian flare, walk in and be greeted,

You’ll receive your next challenge once you are seated.

The answer to this riddle is a local Japanese restaurant. Once seated, the witness can pass the players their challenge details which read:

Get ready to set your taste buds a tingle. Choose one of the following and split it up so that everyone gets to try a bit. Choose between: ika frita (fried squid), chuka (seaweed salad) or kappamaki (cucumber roll). Once they are finished and everyone has eaten their share your team will receive the next riddle.

Amazing Race Party Ideas for Pit Stops

Clue card reads:

Books, magazines, or perhaps a chai iced tea.

You can find them all here; I hope you like to read.

The answer to this riddle is the book store. When they arrive their challenge details will read:

Find the answers to the following questions.

  • How many chapters does the book “Alice in Wonderland” have?
  • Who is the model on the cover of this month’s edition of Seventeen Magazine?
  • What is the name of the book written by the President of the United States?
  • What is the meaning of everyone’s name on the team?
  • List five different ways to have your coffee?

After the players have completed all the challenge task head back to the car to get your next clue!

Amazing Race Party Ideas for Detour

Detour clue card reads:

You are on your way to winning this race,

Hopefully this detour won’t slow your pace.

From two challenges you must choose,

Make sure to choose wisely and you can’t lose!

The challenge details read:

Ok players, here are the two challenges, remember you only have to complete one. You also have the option of changing your mind at any point and switching challenges. Here are your options:

Option A: Your job is to find a penny marked with the year the birthday girl (or guy) was born. Check anywhere you can. Each of you will be given a quarter to help trade for pennies if you choose this challenge.

Option B: Your job is to find 10 strangers that will let you use their cell phones to text happy birthday (birthday persons name) to 555-555-5555 (host cell number).

Amazing Race Party Ideas for Pit Stops
Destination: PET SHOP

Clue card reads:

Feathers, scales, whiskers or waggy tails,

Go to the place where you’ll find these retail.

The answer is a pet shop. When players arrive at the pet shop they are given a questionnaire which they must find the answers to. The questions are:

Pick a pet animal and find out:

  • What their diet should consist of?
  • What their life expectancy is?
  • How to house them?
  • What would you name one if you became an owner?
  • Name three other interesting facts about the animal?

ROAD BLOCK! When they are finished filling out the questionnaire the witness hits them with a surprise road block challenge! The roadblock challenge reads:

One player must choose between wrapping a snake around their neck for one minute OR holding a rat in their hands for two. The team must decide among themselves who will complete the challenge. Once completed, your team will receive the next clue.

Amazing Race Party Ideas for Pit Stops
Destination: LAUNDROMAT

Clue card reads:

It doesn’t take LOADS of brains for this place to be found,

Though this clue might take you round and round.

Driving down Maple St this place can be seen,

You will go in feeling dirty, but come out feeling clean.

The answer is a laundry mat located on Maple Street, of course you’ll replace the street name with the one in your own town. Before the party talk to the owner and ask if you can use one dryer for a few hours. If they agree, collect a bunch of funky clothes to have waiting for the teams in the dryer when they arrive. You can put together your own set of funky clothes. We used 3 pair of extra large sweat pants, 5 goofy extra large shirts, 1 sweater, 2 knitted winter hat, 1 baseball cap, 2 scarves, and a pair of thick gloves.

Have the challenge details card taped to the outside of the dryer door so they know what they are looking for. On the note they will find the challenge:

Each player must put on all of the articles in this dryer AT ONCE and have their picture taken. When everyone is finished with the task your team will receive the next clue.

Amazing Race Party Ideas for Pit Stops
Destination: HOME (the end)

This will of course be the last clue for all teams; it directs them to cross the finish line which is at the front door of your house. If you are throwing the after party at a different location such as a restaurant, rented venue, or other then that will be considered the finish line. Make sure the teams know where it is. Final Clue Card Reads:

Congratulations you’ve completed the final test,

Now cross the finish line for a Birthday Fest.






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