Chocolate Bar Game

by Laura
(Atlanta GA)

candy bar game

candy bar game

This is a fun candy bar game where you read out riddles for different candy bars. Whoever calls out the correct candy bar wins that candy. Here are some riddles:

A Happy nut? -Almond Joy

A small gift a bee might give you? - Bit O’ Honey

The type of person you wouldn’t let handle your china? - Butterfinger

Something a joke might render? - Snickers or Chuckles

Another word for chubby? - Chunky

A sound you hope your bones never make? - Crunch

Superman's alter ego? - Clark Bar

Another word for Spots? - Dots

Halfway to 10th street? -5th Avenue

A name for goofy people? - Goobers

The best and a lot of it? - Good and Plenty

Spicy Mexican dish? - Hot Tomales

Another name for a happy farmer? - Jolly Rancher

The sons of Mr. Perfect? Junior Mint

Could also be called a sour skull? - Lemonhead

What would you might from a barren cow? - Milkduds

The galaxy we live in? -Milky Way

Pitchers stand on? -Mounds

A famous author? - Oh Henry

An older man with money? - Sugar Daddy

Famous trio armed with swords? - 3 Musketeers

Another name for big fat lies? - Whoppers

Nothing? - Zero

Have Fun!

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