Hamilton Songs Picture Scramble
print & play party game

Our print and play Hamilton Song Picture Scramble game is perfect for your Hamilton theme party game!

This printable game prints out on six pages of images which include fun pictures and word images to create 35 of the songs from the musical. 

There are five different ways you can play this game (described below) so you can choose the one that works best for your event.   

Hamilton Songs is the third addition to our Picture Scramble games, the others include our instant hit game Christmas Song Picture Scramble and our totally rad 80's Song Picture Scramble.

This game includes 116 picture cards that players will use to create Hamilton songs.  The pictures are a mix of images and words. Below you will find four song samples you can create with the cards - the game makes 35 songs in all!

Hamilton Songs PARTY GAME

Ten Duel Commandments

it's quiet uptown

That Would Be Enough

history has it's eye on you

To play you print out the six pages of picture cards and the two pages of song titles. 

Cut page of picture cards into individual cards.  

NOTE: GO through the images before hand, if there is any image you don't feel is suitable for your crowd then you can replace it with one of four editable cards we have included. 

For example one of our picture cards features a bottle of 1800 to represent the word ' 1800' in the song The Election of 1800.  If you feel this would be innapropriate for your crowd of players, before you print you can type 1800 in one of the addtional four blank picture cards and then discard the picture. 

Hamilton Songs PARTY GAME
five ways to play!

For this option you will need to print out two sets of the song picture cards. Next, create two even teams.  Perhaps have them come up with a fun musical inspired team name. Give each of the teams their set of cards and on the start of GO! teams have twenty minutes to find and build the most song titles. 

In this version guests go head to head to see who can build five songs first! You will need to print two sets of the Hamilton song picture cards. Set up two piles of pictures (make sure they are situated so that they can't mix into each other) and space to lay out the cards to create the songs.  Two players compete at a time. They are each given an identical set of five Hamilton songs that they must create.  The first player to create them all first wins!  There are 35 songs, so you can play seven rounds and involve 14 players with this option. 

For this third variation you only need to print out one set of song picture cards. Place all the cards face up in a pile in the middle of the playing table.  Create two teams and on the start of go one player from each team draws a song title and find the cards to create that song. You can have a poster board they must tape them to or something similiar. Once they have completed their song then the next player can start theirs.  The winner is the first team who team members have all completed a song. This game can be played with up to 35 players.

This version is another just like version three, but using two sets of the song picture cards. In this version you still have two teams but players build their songs in pairs.  So instead of one player building a song and then rushing back to let the next player go. Two players from each team go up together and can help each other.  Once they get their two songs build then the next pair from their team can go. The first team to finish wins!

This game is best for small number of players. It is played like pictionary, except instead of drawing the players use this cards.  No talking or giving any other clues. One player draws a song title and uses the cards to convey it to the rest of the players.  The first player who guesses the name of the song wins the point and gets to create the next song. When all 35 songs have been created the player who guessed the most songs wins!

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Your *Hamilton Song Picture Scramble Game includes:

  • 116 Picture Song Cards
  • 4 Editable Blank Cards
  • 35 Song Title Slips
  • Game Instructions

*Game should be opened and printed in Adobe Reader.  This is a free PDF reader that you probably already have, but if not you can download it at Adobe.com

Your printable game will arrive within minutes in printable PDF files.  This is a digital purchase - No physical product will be mailed.  If you do not see it in your email please check your junk folder before you contact us - that is the usual culprit. If you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear from you!  Contact us at: HappyPartying@gmail.com

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