Wizard of Oz Games and Treasure Hunt Ideas

Need Wizard of Oz games for your wizard of Oz theme party?! I am proud to share this fun Wizard of Oz treasure hunt idea for you to use at your party. For every clue the children will have to play a Wizard of OZ theme game to receive the next clue. I put the games and clues in order of the Wizard of Oz movie. The first challenge will be from Glenda the Good Witch, then the Scarecrow, Tin Man, The Cowardly Lion, and then the Wizard of Oz himself

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When the children first arrived at the party I told them that they were needed in Oz to help build back up the Emerald City that the Wicked Witch of the West had ransacked with her flying monkeys.

We gave them each a green tub of play dough (you can even make your own salt dough if you’re feeling creative) and a paper plate to create their own addition to Emerald City. Then I provided a bowl full of green beads and jewels (purchased at the craft store) for them to decorate their creations.

When they were all wrapping that up an urgent message arrived from Glenda the Good Witch. Which lead to the main event a Wizard of Oz treasure hunt.


The urgent message they received from Glenda read:

The Wicked Witch has scrambled the Scarecrows brain,

To put it back together you’ll have to play this game.

After you’ve retrieved all the pieces of his mind,

Put them together and the next clue you will find.

Wizard of Oz Games / Treasure Hunt Games

The game the children play is balloon burst. To prepare the game you’ll need to draw out a brain shape onto a poster board and cut it out. Then write the next clue over the brain and cut that into as many pieces as there are game players. The 2nd Clue is:

The Wicked Witch of the West isn’t very nice,

She’s stolen something and put it on ice.

You’ll have to melt it to get what’s inside

Return it to the owner to see what you find.

Put a piece of the clue inside individual balloons before inflating. To play the game the children must bop around the balloons while the music is playing. Stop the music randomly and call out a name. That child must pop the balloon and retrieve the clue inside. You can also add a piece of candy or sticker into every balloon for a special treat. When all the pieces have been found the children work together using their BRAINS, to put the puzzle together. This clue will lead them to their next challenge party game.

Wizard of Oz Games / Treasure Hunt Games #3

The answer to the clue above is the Tin Mans heart which the children found in the freezer. If they have a hard time figuring out the riddle, I would say something like "it says she put it on ice, where would we find ice?". I purchased a heart shaped bead and froze it in the middle of an ice cube. The children's challenge is to work together to melt the ice however they can to retrieve the heart.

Next they must return the heart to it's owner, the Tinman. Which leads to:

Wizard of Oz Games / Treasure Hunt Games #4

For this next party games challenge I purchased a tin man life size cut out for $22 at johnnystone.com . You could also find a tin man picture on the internet and have Wal-Mart print it out on a Poster, or if you’re artistic you could draw one out yourself. Hanging on the Tin Man, where the heart should be, the children will see the next clue:

To reveal the next clue and move on to the rest,

You’ll need to pin the heart onto my chest.

Put on a blindfold, and make sure there’s no peeking!

After that, the Lion will reveal what you’re seeking.

They are each then given a paper heart with tape on the back. When it is their turn they will be blindfolded as they try to pin the heart on the Tin Man. After the game is over a letter arrives from the Cowardly lion. It reads:

Dear Friends,

I’m sorry that I could not be there to give you this message in person. I was walking through the woods to get to you when I was approached by the Wicked Witch of the West. Oh my, is she scary! She made my mane stick straight up with fright. She swiped the clue I had for you, along with some yummy party treats I was going to give all of you brave children. I was so scared I ran all the way back home. If you are brave enough you can retrieve the party treats and the clue. You’ll have to use water balloons to slow her down enough to get the party treats. You may have to soak her many times to get all of it back. Don’t quit until you get the clue, that is of course, if you’re brave enough. ~ TC Lion

Wizard of Oz Games / Treasure Hunt Games #5

To play this game you’ll need a fun spirited adult volunteer to play the part of the Wicked Witch. When she sees the children coming with the water balloons she will try to escape(if it’s not the right weather for water games you can just have the children tag her). Every time a child soaks her with a balloon, she will stop and throw out some more candy. Then she can make her escape again while they are collecting it. When all the candy is gone she will finally throw down her bag and run away for good. Inside the bag the kids will find the next clue:

The Wizard wants to meet with you all soon,

But first you must bring him the Wicked Witch’s broom.

She’s hidden it cleverly; you’ll need your brains and your eyes.

Bring it back to the Wizard to receive the grand prize.

This will lead the kids to:

Wizard of Oz Games / Treasure Hunt Games #6

You’ll need to buy or make a wicked witch broom and hide it cleverly in the playing area outside. While the children are off looking for it I pulled the ruby red slippers out. When they returned with the broom, I told them they just like in the movie they couldn’t see the wizard until they were all cleaned up from their journey. They all went and washed their hands and returned to:


Wizard of Oz Games / Treasure Hunt Games

My husband played the part of the Wizard . He took the broom and congratulated everyone on a job well done and passed out Friendship of Oz certificates to all. Then Glenda the good witch (played by me) told Dorothy it was time to go home for her birthday party. I presented her with ruby red slippers I had made for her (I actually purchased red shoes and covered them over with red glitter paint). Then I told her she had to put them on and close her eyes. Then I had her clap her heels together and say “there’s no place like home” 3 times. When she opened her eyes I had the cake lit in front of her and we all sang happy birthday.

After that we all shared the party cake and ice cream. Then we opened presents. My party was a Wizard of Oz Slumber Party, so after all the Wizard of Oz games were over I popped some popcorn and let them watch the Wizard of Oz movie. If time permits you can do this too as a party cool down event.

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