Share your party ideas with the world!

If you have an idea for a theme party, or a specific game or activity that you think would be beneficial to our visitors we would love the chance to consider it for our site.

There is a reason we have over 13,000 unique visitors to our site everyday.  That reason is that we offer the quality, interesting, and unique party ideas that our visitors are looking for! I would like to offer those who have some of those ideas to contribute to this site to help continue making this the best theme party site available.

What do our writers recieve for their ideas?

If your article is accepted and published on our site you will notified within two weeks after submission.  As a thank you we will send you $50 to your PayPal account and we will also award you a $50 gift certificate for our party printable shop (  You will be credited as the author on the article page itself and you will entered to win in our monthly drawings for a year.  Prizes for the monthly drawings change every month.

What we are looking for in an article

Don't let the word article or author scare you. We are not looking for professional writers, we are looking for good ideas.  Though we do appreciate correct spelling and grammar, your idea will not be tossed out for typos.  The following is the criteria for which we judge our contribution submissions;

  • The article must be at least 1000 words, and not go over 2000 words.

  • The article content must be written by you in your own words, and it cannot be published on any other website. Plagiarized submissions will not be considered.  Articles that you have published elsewhere will not be considered.

  • The article must be in line with what are visitors come to this site to find.  If you look at our the party pages on this site you can get a good idea what we want.  It could be a theme party idea where you list multiple game ideas for that theme or it could be a specific game idea where you go into details on how the game is played and what viewers are going to love about it. These two type of articles are what make up the bulk of our site.  These are the kind of articles we are looking to get from your submissions.

advertising YOUR product or service?

If you would like to submit an article about a product or service you have then you will be glad to know that as of 2016 we have finally made the decision to open up our site to advertisers, but only the ones that meet our criteria.

Our advertising platform works as follows.  You would submit an article to us, it must fit the same criteria listed above.  This article must be beneficial to our visitors, and any claims made must be truthful.  The article should be centered around a specific party theme (with multiple game ideas in the article, your product or service can be one of them) or a specific game or product that you believe our visitors would be interested in. Tell us why your game or idea is worth being known!  Again, the article must be between 1000-2000 words and it must be unique content not published elsewhere.

If you have a great product, but don't feel as competent in your writing abilities please contact us.  We do offer free article writing for all advertisers who purchase a year circulation of their article.

You can include links in your article but they will be nofollow links.  This is to protect the integrity of us as well as you.  It is against Google policy to sell follow links.

What are our article advertisement fees?

If we decide that yes, our visitors would find your article worthy of their time, and that we would like to work with you as an advertiser our charges are as follows;

  • We charge $300 for a six month run of your article with included links. This includes a link on the appropriate page of our site. (example: If the topic would fall under kids party themes, it would be listed in the same manner as the rest of the links on our kids party themes page). 

  • If you have a quality product that would fit under one of our current content pages and you don't require a full page article we offer another option.  We (upon favorable review) will list your product on one of our complimentary pages in the same vain as the rest of the page with a link to your desired page. For this we charge $300 for a full year. 

  • If you would like to sponsor our site, we charge $600 to sponsor our site for three months. We only accept 10 sponsors a month so space is limited.  Sponsors get a link to their article on our home page and on our sponsor page. You do not have to be a sponsor in order for us to publish your article, but you do need to have an article on our site to be eligible to sponsor us.

  • We do not charge for contextual links to your article within the context of our other pages.  We will only include contextual links to your article in our other content if your article would be relevant and beneficial to the specifics of that article. Depending on your specific article this could mean many contextual links in our other content or none.  This is why we do not change for it, our visitors experience must come before advertisers.  We only want to work with advertisers that are in line with our visitor first. You are free to make suggestions as to what articles of our would be relevant for a link to your article, but we make the final decision. 

  • We will not include google ads or any other outside advertisement on your article page.

How to submit an article for consideration

Articles or should be submitted in microsoft word document to [email protected]

The subject line should read:

  • Visitor Article Submission or;
  • Advertiser Article Submission

Please include in the body of the email:

  • a brief description of your article.
  • The name and email address in which you would like to use for communication.
  • The name in which you would like to be listed as the author in the article. (optional)
  • Any questions you may have.

You will be contacted within two weeks regarding your submission. 

Visitor Articles:  If your submission is accepted for publishing we will need your PayPal email address to send your money.  You will receive the gift card portion of your promise due via email.  

Advertisement Articles:  If your submission is acceptable we will contact you via email with our contract that outlines the terms discussed above.  Once all terms are agreed upon the article will be published.

Have questions? Email [email protected]



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