Science Treasure Hunt
Using the Periodic Table

This science game uses the periodic table as the key code to crack all the codes. A printable periodic table is provided with this game, so the players DO NOT have to have knowledge of the table to play. If you are trying to use this as a learning tool for older kids (high schoolers) then you can simply by not letting them use the periodic table to help. With the periodic table it is much easier and can be played by children that are old enough to use a calculator to add and subtract.

The science treasure hunt features pictures of recognizable people, cartoons, candy. They have to fill in the blanks with the name of the picture and then use their copy of the periodic table to find the numbers that match the letters. Once they do this they simply use their calculators to solve the math problem. The answer to the math problem is where the next clue is located.

Periodic Table Treasure Hunt
Where Can this hunt be played?

One of the best parts about this science treasure hunt is that you get to decide where the hiding locations are.

The players are provided with a clue location key. This is a list numbered 1-50. You will fill in that list with potential hiding locations for clues.  You get to decide what those 50 places are - though you will only actually hide clues in 15 of them - the others are decoys.

The answers to each clue will be a number between 1 -50. They simply find the numerical answer on the clue location key and it will tell them where to look for the next clue.

This way you can play this hunt anywhere; home, school, outdoors..etc.

Periodic Table Treasure Hunt
How do the clues work?

Sample Clue

The above example features a picture of the smurf. When the players fill in the blank they will get:

SM + U – RF – S

When they look on their periodic tables they will find these symbols match the following numbers:

SM = 62
U = 92 
RF = 104 
S = 16 

Now they simply use their calculators to add and subtract according to the clue card:

62 + 92 – 104 – 16 = 34

Now the teams look at their clue location guide to find out what hiding location is listed as #34. That’s where they’ll go to find the next clue. 

Periodic Table Treasure Hunt
How is the hunt Won?

There are 15 clues all together. You let the players work together all in one big team to solve all 15 problems. You can also remove some clues if you want to make the game shorter.

Another way you can play is by dividing the clues in half and let two teams compete to be the first to finish. Each team will receive 8 clues. To do this each team will receive seven different clues, and the eighth clue (the one that leads to the winner’s ticket) will be identical. The players race to solve and find all their clues until they finally find the winners ticket and claim victory.

Periodic Table Treasure Hunt
What is included in my Order?

  • 15 fun clues that players will solve using the periodic table.
  • How to instruction - Gives you step by step instructions for setting up and playing.
  • Clue location key - This enables you to play the game ANYWHERE!
  • Periodic table 
  • Winners ticket

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