Paint Party Games

Throwing your child an art/ paint party has never been easier with our creative games, ideas, and paint /art party supplies!

Stepping “outside the box” of a traditional birthday party has become more tedious than enjoyable. Finding things to suite the “out of the box” ideas that either you or your little one has envisioned can be…we’ll say complicated. That’s why we are here. So if you are planning a Paint Birthday party for your little artist, our invitations, printables, and games will help to accomplish the vision for your theme. So please lets us do some of your handy work, you just enjoy the smile on their little faces. 

For a paint party you will need to prepare a little. It can off pretty easy by choosing a designated area for the activities to occur. Clean up will be much easier if you cover most areas in plastic sheeting or cheap plastic table covers that way all you have to do is gather them up and throw them away. Now on to the fun stuff -

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Art Party Games
Picture Me

This activity will help each little artist to understand the meaning of group effort. Have all the participant's gather in a circle. Provide a piece of paper and something to press down on to each player. In the middle have pens, pencils, and colored pencils. Have each player draw a circle or oval to represent their face and write their name at the top of the page. Next they all pass their paper to the left and everyone draws that persons eyes. They all pass their page to the left again and everyone adds a nose. It continues this way as players keep passing and everyone adds another feature to each persons portrait.  Everyone gets to keep their portrait of themselves at the end.  A portrait drawn by all their friends. 

Art Party Games
Frozen & Posin'

This game will take four people at a time. Two participants will be the ones posing and the other two will be the frozen. The audience will shout out a scene from a painting, movie or an everyday activity. Now it is the job of the posers to put the frozen in a position to act out what has been requested. They will mover their arms and legs for them, sit them down, move their heads…etc. This game is very entertaining, especially when parents are the frozen ones.

Paint Party Games
Water Balloon Pinata

Tie a piece of cotton twine to a tree, one branch to another, like a clothes line. Fill a bunch of water balloons up and hang them from the line. Have each kid line up and take a swing at the water balloon piñata with a plastic bat to see how many they can pop. This is good for a hot summer day or a little clean-up for your artists. If you prefer something less wet and messy you can do a regular piñata but instead fill it with art supplies like pencils, paintbrushes, glitter pens…etc.

Paint Party Games
Blow Painting

This requires very little supplies and children love it! Hang a blank sheet of paper up for each child. Now give each child a party blowout. Put several colors of paint on a plate for the children to use. Have them dip their blowouts in the paints and blow them onto the paper. This makes for a cool project and a good party favor to take home.

Paint Party Games
Face Painting

This classic never fails in the fun department. Get a face painting pallet or any face paint you can gather up and let the kids paint each other’s faces. Most creative takes a small paint set home with them.

Art Party Games

This is one you will have to prepare your guests for. Note in your invitation that they will need to wear clothes they can get very messy and bring a change of clothes if they like. You will need plenty of paint, a water gun for each guest and an area you can get messy. Fill each water gun with paint, use a variety of colors. Place the “paint guns” in a pile. Have the guests stand side to side at least fifteen feet from the guns. On go, they will run and grab a paint gun and begin spraying one another. Just make sure to note, no one is to get anyone above the shoulders with the paint. It’s a fantastically fun mess to end your party with.

Paint Party Games

You will need paint, chalks, markers, whatever you like and paper. Have the children take turns being the model and the rest the painters. Each child will pose in a funny position while the others draw or paint them. After everyone has taken a turn they can share their art with one another.

Paint Party Games
Brush, Brush, Paint

This cute game has the same concept of duck, duck , goose, but made for the artist. You need an easel and jar filled with paintbrushes. Have the children gather in a circle and put the jar in the center of the circle. Have the girls sit down and choose one child to be the leader. Give the leader a paintbrush. Now they will go around the circle tapping each person saying brush, brush…until they choose someone and then they will save paint! The chosen person will to the easel and paint whatever they like for thirty seconds. When their time is up, they will get a fresh brush from the jar and begin brush, brush, paint. Once everyone has had a turn, the birthday child can keep this painting as a keepsake.

Paint Party Games
Musical Spritz

You will need some upbeat music and enough white shirts for each guest. You can usually find a good deal at craft stores on plain white t-shirts. Hang each shirt on a clothes line. Fill several spray bottles with watered down paint. Each child will take a spray bottle and stand in front of a shirt. When you start the music the guests will spray the shirt in front of them and be sure to let them know dancing is encouraged. When the music stops they will stop and move to to the next shirt. This will continue until each shirt is full of color. Now each guest can take a shirt home as a party favor when they are dry.

Paint Party Games
Art Scramble

With this game all you have to do is make a list of at least ten different art supplies.( Paper, pencil, chalk, paint, clay….etc.) Now jumble the words up and print the jumbled words on a piece of poster board and hang it on the wall. Give each child a piece of paper and a pencil. With five minutes on the clock, ask the children to unscramble as many words as possible. The fastest with the most unscrambled, wins a prize.

Printable Paint Party Supplies

Personalized for your little artist!

Finding paint party supplies isn't the easiest thing to do. I created the following printable paint party supplies to make throwing your child's dream party a little bit easier. From invitations to a party banner, this set comes with all the decorations. Purchase plates and utensils in matching solid colors from your local dollar store and you are set to paint and party!


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