Outdoor Halloween
Party Games for Kids

The following are my top fave outdoor Halloween party games for kids. I have quite a variety of different types of Halloween games. I have halloween relay races, Halloween treasure hunts, Halloween obstacle course ideas, etc... If you have a fun game that should be added to the list please let me know. : )

Outdoor Halloween Party Games for Kids

Eyeball Spoon Race

This is just like a traditional egg/spoon race but instead of using eggs you will use plastic eyeballs (found at the dollar store or you can paint ping pong balls to resemble).You can have races where all the children hold a spoon and races to a finish line balancing the eyeball on the spoon. They cannot hold or shield the eyeball with their hand and if it falls off their spoon they are out. Another way this game can be played is as a relay race.

To play this version divide the children into two groups and line them up at the start line.

The first player on each team places their plastic eyeball on the spoon and race to the finish line and back.

If they drop the eyeball they must freeze for five seconds before picking it up and resuming the race. When they get back to their team they pass the spoon and eye to the next player who continues the race.

The first team whose members complete the race wins.

Outdoor Halloween Party Games for Kids

Ghost Relay Race

In this relay race teams must race the ghosts (white balloons) to and from the finish line by keeping them up in the air.

The players can never grab or hold the balloon; they must keep it up in the air by hitting it.

Each team is given their own ghost balloon. You can draw a face on it to add a bit of fun. On the start of go the first player from each team bumps their balloon with their hand or head to the finish line and back to the start where the next player on the team takes it over. The team that finishes first claims victory.

Outdoor Halloween Party Games for Kids

DIY Halloween Obstacle Course

You can set up a fun Halloween themed obstacle course in your backyard with household items and a few cheap props.

Players can run through the obstacle course for best time or just for fun.

The following are a list of Halloween obstacle ideas for leg. A leg is an individual section of the course, each leg has a different obstacle and the end of one leg usually is next to the beginning of another. but if you use your imagination you can probably think of some more.

  • Broomstick Rider: have children straddle a broomstick and “ride” it as fast as they can through the leg.
  • Ghost Chaser: Have the player bop a

    white balloon (ghost) from one end of the leg to the other.

  • Gut Diggers:

    Fill a kiddie pool with cooked spaghetti.

    If you don’t mind getting messy mix in fauz blood.

    Hide small Halloween related items in the spaghetti such as plastic spiders or mini skeletons.

    Players must reach in and retrieve one before moving to the next leg.

  • Bob for Apples:

    Fill a barrel with water and apples and players must retrieve an apple before moving to the next leg.
  • Ghost Ring:

    Create Ghost by tying white helium balloons to the ground with small stakes.

    Cover with white trash bags or similar white lightweight material.

    This creates the illusion of floating ghosts.

    Players must ring a ghost with a hula hoop to pass this leg.
  • Hay Bale Jump:

    Set up a series of hay bales for players to jump over to get to the next leg.

  • Graveyard Crawl:

    Purchase a crawling tunnel or use large cardboard boxes to create a tunnel for the players to crawl through to get to the next leg.

Outdoor Halloween Party Games for Kids

Halloween Balloon Burst

Divide the children into two groups.

One team will get orange balloons tied around their ankle

and the other team will get black balloons tied around theirs.

On the start of go both teams must try and pop the other teams balloon while keeping theirs “alive”.

When a balloon gets popped the person wearing it is out.

The team with the last balloon alive wins!

Outdoor Halloween Party Games for Kids

Worm Pie

This game can be played indoors, but I included it because it is messy so you may prefer to play it outside.

To play place five gummy worms at the bottom of a pie tin (or paper plate) and cover with whipped cream.

You will need to make enough of these for each player. On the start of go players must place their hands behind their back and dig into the pie with their face.

The first player to pull out all five (or eat all five) worms wins!

Outdoor Halloween Party Games for Kids

Scarecrow Contest

Provide scarecrow items such as old clothes (shirts, pants, over-alls, hat, shoes etc) and other items such as hay and pumpkin for each team.

Depending on how much supplies you have you can divide players into 2 -4 teams.

Give players 20 minutes to build a scarecrow.

Award prize for best, scariest, silliest, etc if you would like.

Outdoor Halloween Party Games for Kids

Skeleton Hunt

You will need to dismember two sets of plastic skeleton bones. Next, hide the bones throughout your playing area. When you are ready to play, divide kids into two teams.

The first team that finds and reassembles their skeleton WINS!

Outdoor Halloween Party Games for Kids

Monster Mash

I created this printable card game for the younger children.

It is a fun monster themed card game.

Each card either has a monster head, monster torso, or monster legs.

It is modeled after the child hood favorite go fish.

You will give each player 7 cards, the rest of the cards spread out in the middle (turned face down) as a draw pile.

The first player will lay down a part of the monster (head, torso, or legs). The next player builds on that monster with a card of their own.

If they do not have a card they must draw from the pile until they get one.

This continues until one player has used all their cards.

They then call out “Monster Mash” to win the game.

Outdoor Halloween Party Games for Kids

Ghost Chompers

This game could also be played inside but it is a bit messy (and hilarious).

You will need dowel sticks, string, and powdered donuts (ghosts).

Divide players into pairs.

One player is the “eater”, the other player is the “dangler”.

Cut string into about 3fit sections (one for each pair), loop through a donut, and tie together as if you are creating a large donut necklace.

Loop and tie the end on the dowel sticks.

It should resemble a fishing pole with a donut for bait.

On the start of go the danglers must hold the donut up for the eaters.

The eaters must eat the donut as fast as they can without using their hands.

If they touch the donut they are disqualified.

The first player to eat their entire donut wins!

Outdoor Halloween Party Games for Kids

Ghost Key Treasure Hunt

You will need a “treasure box” that can be locked with a real lock and key.

If you want to get really creative you can have your treasure box resemble a coffin or some other Halloween image.

You will also need to make around fifty ghosts from Kleenex and rubber bands.

Hide the key in one of the ghost heads, hide some decoy keys in a couple of them also to add to the fun.

On the start of go the children must rush to find the treasure key and open the treasure.

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