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Check out these awesome Monster High Party Game & Activity Ideas. These ideas are perfect for a DIY Monster High Birthday Party. PLUS I have added some printable Monster High printables and party favors at the end of the page. These party printables can make your MH theme completely and uniquely YOU!

Monster High Party Games
Monster High Dance-Off

Play the monster high theme song and let all the girls show off their awesome mad monster dance moves, but when the music stops everyone must freeze. Any player caught moving is out until the next round. Keep playing until only one dancer remains. She is crowned Queen of the Monster Ball.

Monster High Games
Mr Hackington’s Mad Science Experiment

This activity is so much fun and it doubles as a cool party favor. Let the party guests each create their very own batch of Monster Slime. Follow the instructions below and let each guest add food coloring to turn it to any color they choose. Monster slime is a type of slime that flows when you pour it, but hardens when you squeeze it. Slime is non-toxic and simple to make. Monster Slime Ingredients

  • 1/2 cup of glue
  • 1 cup of liquid starch
  • (optional) food coloring

You can make monster slime in any container, but a zip-loc is recommended because it can be used to mix the slime in and store in when finished. To make the Monster Slime simply combine the corn starch and glue together. Next, add a few drops of food coloring, if desired. Using a spoon squish the ingredients in a zip-loc bag. Voila! Slime will last for a couple of weeks in baggie or even longer if kept in the refrigerator.

Monster High Party Games
Mr. Where’s Wacky Skits!

In Mr Where’s Drama class being a Drama Queen is encouraged. Let the players test their creativity and drama skills in the hilariously fun party game. Fill bag with three or four different props. These props can be ANYTHING! Random household items work perfectly. An example would be a brown paper sack with a spoon, a neck tie, a roll of toilet paper, and a can of corn. You’ll need to create a separate bag for each team.

To play divide players into separate teams with 2-3 guests on each. They have ten minutes to look though their bag and come up with a short skit using all items. After the ten minutes each team performs there skit for the others.

Monster High Games
Fierce Fashion Funk

Let the guests show off their design skills in a funky and fabulous Monster High Fashion Show. To play divide the players into teams and provide each team some raw materials. These material can include aluminum foil, trash bags, and tissue paper. These fashions are obviously not for long term wear, just for fun and creativity. Each group should also receive scissors and tape.

To play have each team choose one model for their team. The other players are the fashion designers. Allow each team 20-30 minutes to complete their outfits. After the design time is up pop some funky music on and let the models walk down the “runway” ( anywhere will do) and show off their stuff. If you want you can add a competitive element to this game by judging the outfits on style, creativity etc…

Monster High Party Games
Monster High Trivia

Let guests test their Monster High knowledge with an awesome Monster High trivia game. Prepare 20-50 questions ahead of time. If you are not knowledgeable enough about the show you can find tons of material just by visiting the Wikipedia page Monster High. Divide players into teams and provide a bell or something similar they can use as a buzzer.  First team that buzzes in gets to give an answer - if they are right they get the points. If they are wrong the other gets to attempt to steal for double points. 

Monster High Games
Fear Squad Try-Outs

Get your pom poms ready, it’s time to try out for the fear squad. Everyone know on the fear squad What Cleo De Nile , the Fear Squad Captain, goes! In this party game players take turns playing Cleo and making up cheer moves. The other players must see who can duplicate the move. This could also be played in a Simon says adaption. Where players must do as Cleo says when she starts her commands with “Cleo Says” of course

Looking for Monster High Food Ideas?

I found this fun little blog that had some really cute ideas.

 D.I.Y Monster High party food and treat ideas. 


Our printable Monster High party supplies comes with everything you need to create this awesome theme for your child's Birthday.  You can download it instantly and easily edit the items with your party details. Just open files in adobe reader and replace default text with your own - it's that simple! No more driving yourself half-crazy trying to throw together the perfect party.  Add our printables to some dollar store plates, tableware, and balloons in coordinating colors and you're done. Add some of our ideas for games and food and you have your party in the bag!

  • Editable Monster High Invitations-2 designs (5x7)
  • Themed Banner
  • Editable Cupcake Toppers
  • Editable Favor Bag Toppers
  • Editable Candy Bar Wrappers
  • Themed Ghoul-Aid Bottle Labels
  • Editable Student I.D badges
  • Editable Diary Cover Labels
  • Editable Chapstick Favor Wrappers

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editable invitations (2 DESIGNS to choose from)

This editable invitation comes in a PDF file that includes 2 (5x7) invitations per page. You will need Adobe Acrobat / Adobe reader to view and edit.  This comes already installed on many computers, but if you don't have it you can download it for free at  Once you open your file you can edit the text easily by clicking on the sample text and replacing it with your own. After you are finished personalizing your invitation simply print and cut.  They are ready to be delivered!

cupcake toppers

Cupcake toppers coordinate with your theme. These toppers have editable additions to add first initial and/or age.  Just attach to a toothpick and pop it into your cupcake to add that extra pop to your event.

candy bar wraps

Turn regular Hershey bars into fun, memorable party favors with this printable candy bar favor wrapper. 

We make it easy to add your personal details.  Just open in adobe reader and replace generic text with your with your custom message.

Wrap labels around standard sized Hershey bars and secure for a fun party addition.

beverage labels

Themed Bottle labels make it east to theme-up your water bottles or other drink containers.  Just print, wrap, and secure. These are always a fun addition to the party.  

diary covers

Let each of your child's guest take home a personalized diary.

Simply open in adobe reader, click in the name space, and type the name. 

These covers can then be attached to any notebook you like.  I suggest composition notebooks. 

favor bag toppers

These themed toppers make it easy to spruce up a boring brown lunch bag, ziploc bag, or other plain bag and create a favor bag that coordinates with your theme.

To Edit with your personal message simply open file in adobe reader.  Click on default text and replace with your own.  

How To: These printable favor bag toppers fold in half over the top of your favor bags. Use a stapler to secure close as shown below.

party badges

Personalized Party badges add that little extra touch of fun to your party.  Attach to lanyards or loop through ribbon and distribute to your guests.  Doubles as a memorable keepsake. 

chapstick cover

These make the coolest party favors.  To personalize simply open in adobe reader and type your message. Print, Secure to chapstick tube of your choice and your finished!


 This Happy Birthday banner really sets the scene for your theme. Each letter prints on 8x11 standard paper.  Simply Print, string together and hang to add a true pop to your party!    

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