Knight and Princess Party Ideas

by Julie D.
(Delray Beach, FL)

Knights & Princess Party (Ages 7 - 9) For my daughter's birthday, we made sure she was treated like a true "Princess", as were all her guests at our outdoor party!

Our homemade invitations were printed on scroll patterned computer paper, and the wording was "Hear ye, hear ye! The Princess Olivia of the House of ***** requests your attendance at her royal residence., etc." We folded each invitation in thirds and sealed them with a gold foil seal.

Each child was requested to come dressed as a princess or knight, and if they did not have a costume, we provided knight sashes/inflatable swords (Oriental Trading) for the boys and home made hair "crowns" (star foil wrapped wire with rainbow color cascading ribbons) for the girls.

As the guests arrived, they were announced by microphone...Stevie Johnson who lived by the beach was "Sir Steven, son on John from the great kingdom by the surf", etc. Each child loved their individual announcement, including hearing the regal music (Renaissance type) played in the background! They walked the red carpet to the throne (a beautiful discarded heavy wood and crushed velvet chair, found on the side of the road, which I embellished with fabric, gold cord, jewels and a hot glue gun), where they curtsied or bowed, and my daughter either gave the girls a ring or knighted the boys with a plastic sword.

Throughout the party the children jumped in the castle bounce house, sipped grog from the goblets I made by hot-gluing plastic jewels on plastic cups, and munched on finger foods, including chicken legs and dino nuggets, pizza, chips, salad and berries.

We held a "rescue the princess game", where the princesses climbed our combo playset and stood in the treehouse, yelling "help, help". A 5 ft. red inflatable dragon (Oriental Trading) was tied to the swingset, and each "prince" had a turn slaying the dragon (with inflatable swords), climbing the rope to the treehouse, and choosing one "princess" to rescue by helping her slide down the slide and running to the safe castle.

While the girls made themselves busy beading jewelry and sand art pictures, the boys challenged each other in the "Sword in the Stone" game. (We stuck a plastic sword in the ground, a male adult held the blade tightly while each prince tried to remove it.) The winner won the prize.

Of course, we had a castle cake, and goodie bags included small stuffed dragons, jewels, treasure, chocolate coins, crown erasers and pencils. Throughout the party, the children danced, and it all ended with the dads carrying my daughter around with her sitting in the throne. All the kids wanted a turn, and it was a big hit! Fun was had by all, and no one wanted it to end! My daughter is now 10 and I'm still getting compliments on that party!


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Nov 08, 2012
by: Julie D.

Sorry, I forgot one very fun detail of our Knight and Princess party. The dad of the birthday princess and his very nice friend engaged in a jousting match! The children cheered on the adult jester and knight as they rode stick horses and jousted with rubber swords. Very entertaining!

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