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Printables are so popular right now – and for good reason! You can purchase ready made and ready-to-print designs for a reasonable price, have them sent to your email, and then print/cut/prepare at your own convenience. Printable products offer the perfect way to have amazing, unique party supplies, without breaking the bank.  Plus, with printables you can print as many of each item as you need!

The Perks of Our Party Printables
Printables are so popular right now – and for good reason!

  • Easy! - We email you ready-to-print PDF files.  All you need to do is open them in adobe reader and print. Our printables are so easy to use and prepare that even the most anti-crafty people can do it. You will wonder why you haven't tried them before! Once you start you'll be hooked :)
  • More bang for your buck! It's the smart way to make a big statement without big bucks. 
  • Unlimited Printing -You can print as many of each item as you need for your one time personal event! Whether you want 5 or 500 invitations you are not paying me an extra dime.
  • No shipping cost!  That puts more money in the budget for the important stuff - like food!
  • Unique Designs - Rest assure that nobody is going to be underwhelmed by seeing the same old decorations that they saw at five other parties this year. Plus most of all our designs are personalized or editable to include your personal party details. This helps create the most memorable and special events.
  • Hard-to-find Themes - When you are set on a theme, but can't find party supplies for it anywhere don't panic.  That is what we specialize in! Can't find your theme - email us and we will design it for you :)
  • High Resolution 300dpi Designs - That means, unlike some less reputable printables our printables will print top-of-the-line, sharp and stunning graphics, none of those grainy, blurry printables will be found here. 
  • Fast Delivery!  Most of our printables are available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD - and those that we offer to personalize ourselves are sent to you within 24-72 hours.

Last, but not least--- Our Unbeatable Customer Service! 

Unlike most - We do not charge for changes or corrections!

Did you have a last minute change of plans and you need the time or date changed on your invitations?  no problem! Just email us and we will make the changes for you no questions asked.

Would you rather us edit your editable printables and send them back to you ready-to-print - again just let us know and we are on it!

Have ANY questions or need ANY help we are at your service and we aim to please.  Email us at

Now that we got the basics covered - let's begin the games!

5x7 Personalized Invitations

Imagine what it would be like to NOT cramp your hand up writing in all the details OVER and OVER again on those cheap fill-in-the-blank invitations.

Imagine an invitation that not only perfectly matches your theme, but also comes ready to print with all your party details already on it.

Imagine not having to pay an arm and a leg just for the invitation! More money for the food budget :)

PERSONALIZED INVITATIONS! We make it easy for you to set the tone for your event with these print and send invitations. Using the party details you provide us we will personalize this invitation for you. It will arrive via email in a ready-to-print jpg file (if you would prefer PDF let us know) using beautiful high resolution graphics. 

You can print as many as you need or deliver them via email or facebook!

This invitation comes with the set you can order at the bottom of the page,
but if you are interested in ordering just the invitation alone click here.

Page Banner

Themed Banner: This banner prints one letter per page.  Each page comes in full color, high resolution images. Print, string together ( I usually use ribbon or twine, but anything will do) and hang to add a true pop to your party! 

This banner comes with the set you can order at the bottom of the page,
but if you are interested in ordering just the banner alone click here.

Candy Bar Favor Wrapper

Personalized Candy Bar Favor Wrappers!  We will personalize this wrapper with your personalized details. All you have to do is print, cut, and use the wrapper to replace the one that comes on Hershey bars and turn it into a fun, memorable party favor.

These wrappers comes with the set you can order at the bottom of the page,
but if you are interested in ordering just the wrapper alone click here.

District Badges

Themed Party Badges: Add another little extra detail of fun to your party with these funtastic district badges.Assign each of your guests a district and have them wear it during the activities. These are perfect for any competitions you may have planned. Each badge features the district seal and a background image of that districts industry. There are 12 districts in all. These also double as memorable keepsakes!

To Use: Print, Cut, and attach lanyards (or string with ribbon to create necklaces) and distribute to guests when they arrive or with invitations. 

These part badges comes with the set you can order at the bottom of the page,
but if you are interested in ordering just the badges alone click here.

Order Your Printable Hunger Games Set for $12.99

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Once you submit your order you will be taken to a PayPal's secure checkout page. You do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase.
  3. Your printables will arrive via email in high resolution PDF files within 3 days.  No physical product is mailed.
  4. If you need any changes made just let me know. I aim to please : )
  5. If you do not see your order in your inbox within 3 days make sure to check your junk folder before contacting me.

RUSH ORDER: If you need a rush order ($3.99) please contact me at Rush orders arrive within 24 hours.

PHOTO PRINTABLES:  If your set include a personal photo then once you place your order you will receive an email requesting your desired photo with 24 hours. If you would like to speed up this process you can email the photo to  Make sure to read the photo tips described in the printables FAQ below before sending your photo.


You can also order by emailing us at  Make sure you include which item that you want to order and any  information I need to personalize your set.  I will email you back with a link for payment.

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More Printable FAQ

•♥• H O W . T O . P R I N T •♥•

  • At home using your personal colored printer. You can use regular paper, but I suggest card stock. Everything is printed on standard size paper.
  • Have it printed at your favorite local print shop. I personally use Staples!

    ~•♥• P H O T O . T I P S •♥•~

Your PHOTO'S are the most IMPORTANT part of the design, so for BEST results, please send high resolution, original photos, taken on a standard digital camera (preferably a CLOSE UP SHOT).

Please DO NOT crop or re-size your photos, I will do that for you, to ensure a perfect fit for the space allowed on your design..

1-MB size images or bigger work PERFECT (or 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels). To check your photo(s) size: Right click your image, left click on "properties" and then "details".

Scanned images should be scanned at the highest resolution setting of: 200/300 dpi.

IMPORTANT Please DO NOT SEND CELL PHONE images or images from on-line photo sharing sites like: Facebook, Photobucket, Shutterfly, Snapfish, Kodak, etc. The quality of these photos are too poor for me to use.I can NOT FIX blurry, grainy, pixelated or over exposed images. So if I receive poor quality photos, I can not be responsible for the clarity of your image on your final printed product.

    •♥• M O D I F I C A T I O N S •♥•

    • Wording can be changed (as long as new wording fits in space provided) • Some theme colors can be edited (depending on the design)

    • Fonts can be edited/changed

    • Designs can be created with or without a photo. For sample Designs that DO NOT show a photo, please contact me prior to sending one & ask if the design you would like can accommodate a photo.

    •♥• C O P Y R I G H T •♥•
    You are paying for the creative services and time spent designing and personalizing your invitation, which is permitted for one-time personal use. The characters used are free and in no way are they being sold. I do not sell or claim ownership over the licensed character clipart or graphics, as they belong to their respective copyright holders. Items purchased are for one-time personal use only and are not to be resold for any reason. Many customers have chosen to have their invitations printed at their photo lab and have done so without any issues but please be aware that some photo labs refuse to print copyright protected images. If you choose to have them printed at a photo lab and they refuse to print them we will NOT issue a refund. We suggest finding another photo lab. By purchasing any of our printable designs you acknowledge your understanding of the terms.
    •♥• H A P P Y . P A R T Y I N G !•♥•

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