Guardians of the Galaxy Party Games

This fantastic movie is full of great eccentric characters. It brings could-be villain’s to hero status by the end of the movie. It shows that everyone has the choice to do some good in the world. So now that you have to plan a party centered on Guardians of the Galaxy, you may be at a loss for what to do. You will need supplies and game ideas, but where do you go? Here, that’s where! We have created a great set of games and as usual some pretty neat printables to help you achieve that awesome party. Please feel free to enjoy the free game ideas, in hopes that your party planning days get a little easier!

Guardians of the Galaxy Party Games
Rocket's Round Up'

Rocket is a feisty little raccoon who is a bounty hunter always on the hunt.  For this game you will need a large playing area, outside if possible. Either take a volunteer for the part of Rocket or choose someone to be Rocket. The remaining players are all criminals on the loose. Rocket must round-up as many criminals as possible during the game. 

 Rocket will stand in the middle of the play area and the remaining players will stand on one side together. Rocket will yell out “Rocket’s Round-up” and the players must run to the other side of the player are, passing Rocket. They must try not to get caught by Rocket. Rocket will tag as many criminals as possible and the one’s that he tags are out of the game and must sit down. This continues until only one criminal is left and they become Rocket and the game starts over.

Guardians of the Galaxy Party Games
Battle of the Universe

This is more of an activity than a game but can be used in the other games if you like. All you will need are paper plates, pipe cleaners, paint or markers, glue, and scissors. Have all of your guests gather around and create their own mask of their favorite character from the movie. Once they are done with the mask they can have a fake battle or wear them throughout the party. 

This idea was found on the website Real Moms of Vegas.  For complete details check out this rockin' moms site.

Guardians of the Galaxy Party Games
Fate of  Xandar

Ronan has a plan to put an end to life in our Universe. It is up to the guests to defeat Ronan’s plan.  For this game you will need 26  balloons, 26 scraps of paper, one red and one green marker or pen, and a six-sided die.

Use the 26 scraps of paper and write one of each letter on each of the scraps of paper.  Write the letters in the color shown below.

  1.  R-O-N-A-N    D-E-S-T-R-O-Y-S
  2.  G-U-A-R-D-I-A-N-S   S-A-V-E

Put one scrap in each balloon and fill with air.  Scatter all the balloons on the floor. Have all of the guests come into the room and line up. Each player takes turns and chooses a balloon and then rolls the die to determine how they must pop their balloon.

If they roll a;

  1. Pop with their hands
  2. Pop with their feet
  3. Pop with their bottom
  4. Pop with their knees
  5. Pop with their elbows
  6. players choice - but can't pop it in a way that has already been used.

Once they pop their balloon the must pull the paper out.  If it is a red letter it will go to form the words R-O-N-A-N    D-E-S-T-R-O-Y-S.  If it is a green letter it goes to form the words G-U-A-R-D-I-A-N-S   S-A-V-E.  

Keep playing until one of these two have been completely spelled out. This is the fate of the universe.

 If they do save the universe they all win a small prize. If the universe has been destroyed, the players must help pick up all of the balloon pieces.

Guardians of the Galaxy Party Games
Burning Orb

This game is just like hot potato only the players will be using the orb. In the movie the orb can only be held by the greatest and strongest. So the last person to make it out of this game will get to take the orb home as a prize. A glitter ball or blinking glow ball works great to mimic the orb for this game. 

 Have everyone gather around in a circle and have music ready in the background. When the music starts the players will begin to pass the orb around. When the music stops the person holding the orb is out and will give it to the person to their right. When the music begins again the passing will continue making sure to follow the same rules of when it stops that person is out. This continues until you are down to two players and the last person holding it when the music stops is out and the other player is the winner!

Guardians of the Galaxy Party Games
Star Lord's Mix

Peter, aka Star Lord, likes to listen to the mix tape that his mother made for him. But it's time to mix it up a little, so it is up to you to come up with a new mix for the Star Lord to use on his journeys. Have each guest write down two songs they believe should be on the mix tape. Download one of each of the guest’s songs and burn them onto a disc. You can play it throughout the party if you have time or you can send them home as a party favor for your guests.

Guardians of the Galaxy Party Games

Drax is a funny character because he takes everything so literally. For this game, making Drax laugh is everyone’s mission except Drax. Drax has to keep a straight face while other’s try everything they can to make him break. Ask for a volunteer to play Drax. Have them sit in a chair in the middle of the room. Have the remaining players stand in a circle around Drax. Each person will have thirty seconds to try to make him smile or laugh. If or when someone succeeds they must change places and now they have to refrain from smiling or laughing. This continues until everyone has played Drax or someone remains undefeated as Drax.

Guardians of the Galaxy Party Games
Cosmic Catch

You will need a colorful cereal like Trix cereal, bowls, shaving cream and shower caps. Have your guest’s partner up with one another. One person must put on the shower cap while the other covers it in shaving cream. The other person will grab a bowl of cereal and stand 4-5 feet from their partner. When the game begins the teams will have one minute to throw as many pieces of cereal as they can at their partners head. The partners must try to catch them as they are thrown. Once the time is up, the teams will count their cosmic catch and the team with the most pieces wins the game.


Guardians of the Galaxy Party Games
Pin the Root on Groot

For this game you will need to print out a large picture of Groot. You will also need to trim the bottom off of the print out or print without his bottom roots. You will then need to use brown construction paper to trim out roots. Place a piece of double sided tape on the back of each one of the roots. You will then hang the printout on the wall. Have the children line up and put a blind fold on the first in line. Spin them in two circles and have them attempt to pin the root on Groot.  The person to get the root the closest to where it belongs wins the game.


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