The Totally Gross party is exactly what its name implies; a party where everything is a total gross-out!  The things that are normally discouraged in your children as you try and raise them to be part of polite society are thrown out the window for a few hours of utter and complete gross overdose!  Needless to say this theme is most popular for our boys between the ages of 6 and 12.  It is similar to my Fear Factor party idea, but with an extra twist of totally gross.  I created my totally gross party supplies to go with this theme.   Included in this printable set is the totally gross party invitation personalized with your gross-out party details, gross banners,  gross party favor wrappers, gross party badges. And more.


Totally Gross Party Games
Spaghetti Toes

Fill a bucket or small tub full of cooked spaghetti and mix in some plastic bugs.  Plastic roaches work the best.  If you want to really up the ick factor go ahead and add in the spaghetti sauce.

TO PLAY:  Have kids remove their socks and shoes.  Give them each one minute to pick as many bugs out of the bucket using ONLY their feet and toes.  Award prizes to whoever grabs the most.  Have towels ready for cleanup.

Totally Gross Party Games
ABC Gum Sculptures

You’ve probably told your kid not to play with their gum, well in this game that is exactly what the kids will be doing.  Provide each kid a pack of hubba bubba gum ( the gum with five giant pieces) and a paper plate.  Put ten minutes on the clock and challenge the players to chew the gum and then use it to create an ABC gum sculpture.  If you don’t remember what ABC gum is from elementary school it’s Already Been Chewed Gum.

Totally Gross Party Games
Hot Snot!

A gross twist on the classic game Hot Potato!  Instead of a potato, pass around a jar of green baby food,  can of sardines, or something similarly unappealing. This, we will call the "snot".

When the music stops whoever is holding the "snot"  is out.  If they are willing to eat a spoonful or bite of the "snot" they win a prize.  Keep playing until only player remains then challenge them to polish it off.

Totally Gross-Out Party Games
Spit Ball Competition

Yea, this one’s totally gross!  Divide the players into two teams.  For each team inflate a balloon and draw a happy face on it for good measure.  These are their targets.  Each player is given a straw and each team is provided with a roll or two of toilet paper.  Give a quick lesson on how to make a spit ball and then let the challenge begin.  Players have five minutes to create and spit as many spitballs as they can at their balloon head.  The team who sticks the most at the end of the five minutes is crowned victorious!  Hey I warned you it was gross, needless to say this is a game to play outside.

Totally Gross Party Games
Dirty Diaper Scavenger Hunt

Purchase a pack of newborn diaper (they provide the most diapers for the price) and open and fold them up like you would a dirty diaper.  In one of the diapers include a candy bar (wrapper removed of course, you could even melt it a little first if you want it to up the gross factor).   Hide the diapers all around the playing area.  When you are ready to play challenge the players to find the diapers and announce they will need to open them because one holds a special surprise.  Award a prize to whoever finds the most diapers and another prize to whoever find the surprise diaper.

Totally Gross Party Games
Feast of Worms

WARNING:  This one is MESSY!

  Sit all the players around the table.  For each kid place a few gummy worms on a paper plate and cover with chocolate pudding.  The challenge is to be the first to eat all the gummy worms with their hands behind their back.  Faces will be COVERED in chocolate mess so have plenty of towels ready and take plenty of pictures.

Totally Gross Party Games
Garbage Dig

For this game you will need to find, buy, or prepare a variety of gross or weird items ahead of time.  Write each items name on an index card and place all the items in a garbage bag.  When you are ready to play let each player come up and choose a card.  They then must try and feel around in the bag, without looking, and pull out the object listed on their card.  Items that you could include

  • Old Q-tip
  •  Dirty diaper
  •  Used Kleenex
  •  Stinky Sock
  •  Underwear
  •  Half a potato
  •  Dead bug (plastic)
  • Used Floss
  •  Toilet Scrubber
  •  Can of Sardines
  •  Old Band-Aid

Of course to keep it sanitary you will need to get creative.  You can use paint to make items such as the Q-tip, diaper, Kleenex, toilet scrubber, underwear, and band-aid appear used or old. 

Totally Gross-Out Party Game
Pin the Booger in the Nose

I created this printable game and include it in my Totally Gross party supplies set.  It’s played just like pin the tail on the donkey, except instead of a picture of a donkey there is an image of a giant nose and instead of tails for pinning there are boogers. 

1. Hang the Nose on the wall at eye level with the players.

2.Blindfold the player

3.Spin them around three times.

4. Hand them a paper booger (with sticky tack or tape on the backside.

5. Face them toward the Nose. They must try and stick the booger closest to the nostril as possible without looking.

Totally Gross-Out Party Activity
Slime Time!

Of course what gross out party would be complete without slime?  This is a fun activity that doubles as a cool party favor that the kids can take home. Make a practice batch before the party just so you feel prepared during the activity.


  • Box of Borax.  You can find this in the same aisle as laundry detergent
  • 3 bottles of Elmers Glue
  • Distilled water
  • Food Coloring
  • Ziploc bag for each child
  • Small plastic containers. One for each guest to make and store their slime


  1.  In a large jug mix together glue and equal parts distilled water.
  2. Give each guest a container and Ziploc bag.
  3. In each Ziploc bag add two tablespoons of the glue water, then zip shut the bag.
  4. In container have kids add water to two generous tablespoons of borax until the borax becomes more solid.
  5. Next, they will add the borax mixture into the Ziploc bag with the glue water.  Shut the bag again and mush it together with their hands to create the slime.
  6. If the slime is too stiff add more glue water. If it is too runny add more of the borax mixture.
  7. Now let the kids add a few drops of the food coloring of their choice to tint the slime. Finished!
  8. When the kids are done playing with it store in clean, dry, containers.

Totally Gross Out Printable Party Supplies

These printable party supplies are Totally Gross and Totally Perfect for your gross-out party.  They come personalized for your child and ready-to-print.  I sell this set (that includes everything!) for $.14.99.  For full details check out my Gross Party Supplies order page!

Personalized Invitation

Personalized Badges

Page Banner

Personalized Cupcake Toppers

Bottle Labels

Personalized Favor Bag Topper

Bug Bar - Chocolate bar wrapper

Tent Cards

Pin the Booger Party Game




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