Game of Thrones Drinking Games
Printable Party Game to Play While Watching the Show

Game of Thrones Drinking Game

Which one of your friends will claim the crown, and which of your friends will lose the battle and pass out on your couch?  This printable drinking game is made to be played while watching Game of Thrones. All you need to supply is the alcohol of choice.

How to play the Game of Thrones Drinking Game

First everyone chooses a house to represent.  You do this by turning over the  house chips and letting everyone randomly choose one. Houses include all nine of the kingdom to include; 

  • Arryn
  • Baratheon
  • Greyjoy
  • Lannister
  • Martell
  • Stark
  • Targaryen
  • Tully
  • Tyrell.

Next provide each house with a shot glass (they are going to need it) and five throne tokens.  Every time a player has to take a shot they lose a throne token. When they are out of tokens they are as out of the running for the throne as Robb Stark after the red wedding.

Next, deal each house four drinking cards.  This game includes 80 drink cards. Place the remain cards in a draw pile. 

Time to Start the Show!!
Game of Thrones Drinking Game - In Play

When a player seems something occurring on the show that matches a card in there hand they call out  “Winter is Coming” and then discard that card on the table face up for all to see.  On each card there are two family crest. The player can choose which of the two must take the shot. 

For example, if a reference to the red wedding was made then if a house had this card in there hand they could discard it and then choose between the Lannister house or the Stark house to drink.

 If they represent one of these houses themselves then unless they want to go the way of the mad king they choose the other house.

If the other house is not in the game, or both the houses on the card are out of the game then the last house that yells out "I am the Rightful King" has to take the shot and forfeit a throne token.

Special Cards

Also mixed into the cards are special cards.  These allow the holder to mix it up a little.  The special cards include the RED WEDDING SURPRISE and the REGROUP YOUR FORCES card.

If you have a  red wedding surprise card in your hand then if another house makes you drink you can then lay your red wedding surprise card on top of it and make them take your drink in your stead.

If you have a regroup your forces card in your hand then you can lay it down at any time and all players then have the opportunity to swap one or more of their cards in for new ones.

How to Claim the Throne and Win the Game!

It's really easy - be the last man (or woman) standing.  Keep playing until only one house is left with any throne tokens.  That house is the take the iron throne!

What all is included in the
Printable Game of Thrones Drinking Game 

This game is delivered in ready-to-print high resolution PDF files.  All you have to do is print and play!  It includes everything pictured above;

  • Complete Instructions
  • 9 House Chips
  • 72 Drink Cards
  • 8 Special Cards
  • 50 throne tokens (5 extra in case some get lost)

Order the Game of Thrones Drinking Game Now for $.7.99 ~ INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

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