Arabian Night Party

by Rosa

I did an Arabian night for my daughter. I went to salvation army to get sheets in different jewels colors to use as table clothes. I got a tent ( pagoda) and used sheets as well to decorate the top with lots of different colors I took two mattresses and out them inside the pagoda ( tent ) for the girls to use and sit down with lots of pillow that I also bought at the salvation army. For decoration as center pieces I used beer bottles in different colors and got beads that look like gems and hot glue them to the bottles. Then i put candles from the dollar store ( I used brown, clear, blue etc bottles)> We went to home depot and bought two palm trees that we put outside the pagoda..... I got plastic cups from party city that I also bedazzled with the fake jewels.. The girls LOVED IT!!!! I painted old candle holders in gold that I also got at the dollar store or salvation army....

By the way we also gave the invitations in a bottle ( this time a plastic water bottle with lots of gems stuck to them as well.... )For a thank you gift, we have the girls belly dancing scarves..

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