Top Teen Pool Party Games
for the Swimming Pool

You've come to the right place to find pool party games for the swimming pool. These party games are perfect to have a blast with your friends, and an unforgettable birthday!


Teen Party Games for the Swimming Pool
Wet Shirt Relay

Divide into two teams. Each team lines up on the side of the pool and the first person from each team must swims to the other side of the pool, grab the extra large t-shirt that's waiting on the other side (have one for each team). Next throw on the t-shirt as fast as they can and swim back.

Once they make it back to their team they strip off the shirt and pass it to the next player who puts it on. The new player swims back to the other side of the pool and ditches the shirt for the next player. After, they  swim back to their team and tag the next player who continues the race. The first team whose players all finish the relay wins!

Teen Party Games for the Swimming Pool
Bottom Dwellers

This is a fun pool party game where you throw poker chips at the bottom of the pool and have players race to collect them. Assign a different point value for the different colored chips and play in teams to make it even more fun.

Teen Party Games for the Swimming Pool

Just like in the days of old, ok not really. In this game one player sits on the shoulders of another player and is armed with a pool noodle. They face off against another pair (again one person sitting on the other’s shoulders). Each Knight must use their “jousting stick” (pool noodle) to battle the other until one is declared the winner. The winner is the team that knocks the other “knight” (top player) off their “horse” (the bottom player) or makes them both fall into the water.

Teen Party Games for the Swimming Pool
The Greasy Watermelon

This is an awesome game to play in the pool. Divide the group into two teams and have them each wait on one side of the pool. Then you throw a greased up watermelon ( Use a lot of petroleum jelly to get it real slick) into the middle of the pool. The players then rush to retrieve the melon and touch it to their side of the pool earning their team a point! Play till one team scores 10 points.

Teen Party Games for the Swimming Pool

It’s Volley ball in a swimming pool! Spread a net across the pool and instead of using a volley ball, use a beach ball. Play by the same rules as regular volleyball. SO MUCH FUN!

Pool Party Games
Grape Toss

Mark off sections of the pool about every four feet. You can do this by placing a flag, mini cone, or other indicator on the side of the pool every few feet from the shallow end to the deep end. Divide player into pairs. One player is the catcher, and the other is the tosser. Each tosser stands at the shallow end of the pool and is given a big bag of grapes. The catcher must start standing at the first marker ( about four feet from the tosser) and the tosser must throw a grape into the catchers mouth. They can throw as many grapes as they need until one is caught in the catchers mouth (no hands).

Pool Party Games
Marco Polo

It’s a classic pool game for sure, but still fun. One person is “it”, they are blindfolded and must try and tag the other players. If the person who is it yells out “Marco” all the other players must yell out “Polo”. When another player is tagged they become “it” .

Pool Party Games
Outdoor Movie

OK, not technically a game, but still a fun idea. If your pool party is at night wouldn't it be cool to watch a movie while sitting on your rafts or hanging out around the pool. Buy, borrow, or rent a movie projector and either use the side of your house or hang up a car tarp by the pool. Pick a funny movie or maybe a horror movie. They are really easy to set up and will be an awesome addition to the party.

Teen Party Games for the Swimming Pool
Limbo Contest

How low can you go? This is a classic pool side party. You can use a pool noodle for a limbo stick and let your friends challenge each other to see how low they can go. You can also play another version inside the pool where players must swim under the pool noodle without touching it. Of course, the pool noodle gets lower and lower every round.

Teen Party Games for the Swimming Pool

No need to get complicated, just go with a sure winner: Dancing. Take some time to create a fun party playlist before the party, have your friends make requests. Put on the music and the party will start hoppin. If you want to add a little something why not have a dance contest to see who has the best moves.

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