Killer Among Us is a slightly darker version of Clue for the next generation, except in this version there is no board - instead players get to bribe, blackmail, form alliances, and more to try and discover which one of their friends is the Killer Among Us. 

This game is NOT a scripted murder mystery game, it is an incredibly easy to learn card game that offers tons of ways for strategic players to have fun and get ahead.  The game is different every time so you can play again and again! 



ITEMS NEEDED:  This printable game plus 13 envelopes.  That's It!

killer among us - a murder mystery card game

The game starts out by everyone choosing one of 12 character - one of those characters is the killer, but only the player who draws the killer knows.  Each players character comes with a Dead card - which features their character dead.  They do not show anyone else this card, they keep it turned face-down in front of them unless they are killed, then they can turn it up for all to learn their identity.


Next players each draw a Death Keeper -a folder that each feature one of twelve items or weapons that MAY be the cause of their demise - if the killer decides to choose them.

Each player has four mini cards, three have a picture of their character on it (character cards), the other one is a red herring.  The killer has also received four mini cards but his or hers are slightly different - they receive three killer cards and one character card.

Now all the players choose which death folders to disperse their four cards in - they do this without revealing these cards to anyone, simply adding them into the player they choose death keeper folder.  The Killer of course has three Kill cards to disperse, and he or she also adds his character card to one of the death keepers to act as his or her fourth card and to throw players of their scent. 

Next each player can look in their death keeper - and the four cards within.  If they are one of the unfortunate one that received a Kill Card they then turn over there Dead Character card so that players can note on their individual investigate card which character died and is no longer a suspect - this player is still in the game, their character is now considered a ghost. 

Time to find the killer!

Now the fun really begins! The object of the game is to learn what character cards the other players have so you can mark them off on your investigation card. 

Everyone knows that the killer only has one character card in the game and that they can't kill themselves. So once you have discovered more than one of a character card you can mark them off the list of suspects, also if someone dies they are not a suspect because a victim cannot be the killer.

Players try to discover what character cards other players have by using Action cards that allow them to interact with other players in specific ways.  There are 12 total action cards.  A player is allowed to have one in their hand at a time. 

These cards allow you to bribe, blackmail, and form alliances with other players.  If your a ghost you may get the opportunity to haunt another play or if you get the Psychic card you are allowed to see cards from players on the other side of the grave.  If you discover who the killer is you will need to get a hold of the Detective card in order to solve the case and win the game.

The cards offer many ways to use them strategically and this is one of the best parts about this game - it's really simple to understand (the action cards have what they can do written on them) but the cards can be used in clever ways to hender other players - players might do this so they can get ahead... or because they are playing the killer and trying to evade capture.

download it now! $10.99

Killer Among Us is available for Instant Download.  The entire game prints on 10 pages.  I recommend card stock because you can play this game again and again with different results every time. The Download includes:

  • 36 character mini cards (3 of each for 12 different characters)
  • 12 Red Herring mini cards 
  • 3 mini Kill Cards
  • 12 Dead Cards
  • 2 Detective Action Cards
  • 2 Psychic Action Cards
  • 2 Bribery Action Cards
  • 2 Alliance Action Cards
  • 2 Hostile Witness Action Cards
  • 1 Blackmail Action Card
  • 1 Haunting Action Card
  • 12 Death Keepers (each featuring a different item/weapon of demise)
  • Card Back Pattern (optional use)
  • Printing Instructions
  • Rules and Set-Up Instructions