4th of july treasure hunt
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Our exclusive 4th of July treasure hunt is perfect for those looking for a new and exciting kids activity to add to your Independence Day party, picnic, barbecue, or celebration. 

The hunt features 10 clues that are themed around the 4th of July.  Each clue is a different type of game, puzzle, or challenge for the players to solve to learn the location of the next clue.

The variety of the clues is great. One clue is a maze, another a secret message you can only discover with our Liberty Decoder, another is a puzzle that players must put together to discover where the next clue is hidden, another a word search that when all the words are found the remaining letters spell out the next clue location, etc.

The best part is YOU get to decide where the hidden locations are.  That means you can play this game ANYWHERE!

4th of July Treasure Hunt Game
How does it work?

When you download our hunt, you will receive a PDF with the 10 clues and set up instructions. This game was designed for players ages 6+.  Players need to be able to read and spell. The game usually takes between 30-45 minutes to play. 

You can use all the clues, or if you want to remove any for any reason (some want to create a shorter game) you can do that. Next, you will determine the places you want to hide your clues and then fill in the clue locations (see examples below).  If you want to play with multiple teams racing against each other to the treasure you simply set-up and print out as many sets of clues as you have teams. Once all the clues are printed out, hide them in the locations you decided, and hide the VICTORY FLAG along with whatever treasure you chose in the location provided by the last clue.  The first clue is not hidden, it is given to players to start the game.  

4th of July Treasure Hunt Game
How do you edit the clues?

Below I use two of the clues from this treasure hunt as examples to show you how easy it is to personalize this treasure hunt for your specific locations. 

4th of july CLUE EXAMPLE #1

This is what the clue looks like before you personalize it with your decided location.

In the set up instructions you will see different instructions for each clue.  The instructions below is what you will see for the clue shown above.

You then click in the box and type in the location that you want that clue to lead to.  In the example below our location was - ON THE SHELF.

As soon as you do that those letters will also appear on the clue where they are meant to be.  That clue is complete.  You complete the rest and then simply print and follow instructions to set up and play.

4TH OF JULY clue example #2

This is what the clue looks like before you personalize it with your decided location.

For this clue you will be asked to type in nine location.  One location the actual place the next clue will be hidden - this would appear next to the correct answers shadow on the clue above.  The other locations are false locations used for decoys.  Nothing is hidden there.

This is an example of the locations we typed in. When you type in your own you would simply click where you need to type and type your locations. 

Below is what the clue transforms into after you filled out the above in the set up section. 

4th of July Treasure Hunt Game

Once you have the clues personalized, you print.  Cut out each of the clues and place each clue in an individual baggie or envelope.  If you are playing with multiple teams you want to mark these somehow (usually assigning a color to each team works) so that teams don't accidentally pick up clues that belong to another team.

The first clue of the hunt is not hidden, it is put aside.  Hide all the other clues according to your chosen locations.  That means whatever location is the answer to the first clue you put aside will be where you hide the next clue, and the answer(location) to that clue is where you will hide the clue after that - and so forth.  The last clue should lead to the VICTORY FLAG and whatever treasure you have decided upon.  

To begin the game give the players that first clue you put aside.  Let the fun begin!

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