Toddlers and Tiara's Theme Party

by Kristen

Toddlers and Tiara's theme Party

I did this for my daughter's 11th birthday and it was a BIG hit. My daughter loves the show Toddlers and Tiaras and we thought it would be fun to have her friends come in an outfit of choice (father daughter dance outfit/recital dress) and prepare a 2 minute routine to perform as her talent. When the girls arrived, they filled out a form for our "MC" with name, age, likes, who they admired, favorite song etc. After that was filled out, they got in line for our "Step and Repeat" which is what you see hollywood actors and actress stand in front of on the red carpet. We chose a bright blue curtain panel and taped it on the wall. The girls took one full body shot and one head shot (that they were given at the end of the party.) I printed them out on my computer while the girls rehearsed.

The party was held in our basement. I took two off white curtain panels and lined them with zebra duct tape to make it look like a curtain. I made a sign with the name of our "Glamour and Glitz" pageant. I bought tube lighting from my hardware store and lined the floor with it so it looked like a stage. We had a microphone for our MC (an 8th grade older sister) along with an area with our IPOD doc with all the songs that the girls emailed us for the competition (We bought them on ITUNES if we did not have them).

The girls were given badges with numbers written on them with sharpie. (dollar store party section).
Our judges were two 6th grade friends (who went to a different school and did not know the girls). They were given award choices like "best smile" "Best Dancer" "Best Hair" "Judges Choice" "Grand Supreme" and "Ultimate Grand Supreme" to choose from to award our "contestants".

First was beauty- girls walked while the MC read their Bio Sheets.
Next Talent- girls performed their dances, songs, routines.

Judges tallied, then awarded the contestants with banners that we made out of 3 inch ribbon and wrote the award on with sharpie. They were also given tiaras.

Then it was upstairs for cake, ice cream and celebrating. The girls still talk about this party! It was not a lot of work, or time, and the girls loved performing in front of their friends, they are all 13 now, and still have their banners and tiaras in their rooms (my daughter is so excited about that.)

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