The Hunger Games Party ideas

by Victoria
(Canada Ontario)

Hunger Games Party Ideas

Hunger Games Party Ideas

1.Well this could start off at your home which to decorate you could use plants to make it seem more like the woods, banners that say "Happy Hunger Games" with a mockingjay on it as well, or cut outs of the characters on the walls, ballons with thier faces on it etc.

2.You could also write a note on the invites (which could be a mockingjay pin cut out) that say to bring a change of clothes (you'll find out why later) and also dress up as either an assigned cheracter or let them choose and see who pulled their costume off the best and award a small prize.

3.When everyone gets there then you could play trivia. Have the host asking the questions. The trivia cards could say something like who said "You love me real or not real" or could ask something like what color was the moth that landed on Katnis's hand green and________ I would suggest having a 4 pockets 1 for each level and they can pick a difficulty level.

4.Another game is Kiss the poster a version of pin the tail on the donkey except you would buy a poster of a guy from the movie and then blind fold the person and put lipstick on them and see who could get the closest to the celebrities lips and whoever does this will win the poster.

5.You could also play a bingo game where you can print out a card with squares of pictures of the characters and the host be the one picking a random character name out of a bowl

6.I would suggest you eat lunch or dinner whatever time your party is held at before the next event now there are print outs you could find online to use as cupcake topper or even on youtube you can find tutorials about how to make cupcakes with edible mockingjays on them or what kind of cake would go best with the book your party will be on

7.You could play a version of the hunger games and use water guns with some kind of washable dye so that when someone is hit everyone else knows who hit them based on the colored dye. And there could be a cornocopia with better water guns and water bottles and whatever else they may need I would suggest a local park and that the districts pair up so no one is alone.
note use different colored dye's so you know who killed who and the winner is the last one standing and you could grade everyone else on how many people they killed.

Have fun and may the odds be ever in your favor. Hope I gave you some ides :D

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