Ten Ideas for a Toddler Music Party

by Celtic Charisma

toddler music party fun

toddler music party fun

Toddler Music Theme Party

My theme is music. This is a great theme for toddlers. Start the party by having music playing.

1. Lead a movement and dance activity like free dance, freeze dance or have a basket of instruments for the children to play along with.

2.It's easy to make a cake and decorate it with music notes.

3.There are plenty of games you could play like musical chairs or you could do a cake walk sort of thing. The cake walk could actually be a cupcake walk or maybe they could get a cd or something.

4. Cardboard music note cutouts are easy to make and can be used for decorations or as an activity by having the kids decorate them like art. You can make the theme for older children too.

5. Have a section of dress up clothes which the children can use to dress up like stars. Then, they can perform any musical selection for the crowd. You can take this further by recording it for posterity or for the birthday child to keep.

6. Of course, a karaoke machine will add tons of fun to the party.

7.The kids can be encouraged to come to the party dressed up like their favorite music star.

8.Younger children (and older ones too, maybe) can enjoy making their own instruments out of recycled materials like toilet paper tubes, paper towel rolls, gift wrap rolls, and the like. Just provide markers, glue, glitter, streamers, scissors, tape, construction paper even foam cut out shapes. You can also provide things which will make good drums and sound makers like Tupperware, empty soda cans, empty aluminum cans from the kitchen (like soup cans or tuna cans). Also provide different kinds of substances to put in the instruments to make rain sticks or sound makers. These substances can include sand, lentils, kidney beans, turtle beans, lima beans, small pebbles, etc. These will all make different sounds. The instruments can be used as party favors.

9.After the children are done making their instruments, they can have a musical celebration parade . Have the children line up with their instruments and parade through the party playing the instruments. You can also make this an addition to singing the happy birthday song. They can accompany themselves with their new instruments.

10. Another good party favor idea is to add to your goodie bags or bubbles or whatever a musical touch. You can do this by adding a music note shaped thank you. Just cut it out of cardstock and write a personal thank you. Then use a hole punch and tie it on with music note themed ribbon.

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