Teen Survivor Party!

by Tammy
(San Diego)

Idol Survivor Pinata

Idol Survivor Pinata

Survivor Party for 16 Year Old

20 guests.

The buffs can be purchased for $1 each and are actual buffs with no seams - online someplace in Los Angeles. They had lots of patterns. I let my son pick the one he wanted, but I steered him to the economical ones, not the $30 ones. Guests reached into deep basket to pull out one buff, red or blue as they arrived. They could not see which they were choosing. We played a Utube video of various ways to wear buff and how to configure do-rag and they fashioned their buffs while waiting for others to arrive. Color determined which team they were on.

Survivor Party Games

1 The first survivor party challenge was a memory game of items needed on an island. The memory items were tweezers, nail clippers, deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush and a few items to throw them off. I think I had 30 items and whatever team made the most complete list won. They had exactly 30 seconds to memorize the items on the tray and then it was removed to another room. Then they had a paper to sit and list what they had seen as a team.

2 The second challenge was a water challenge ... to fill a milk carton with water from small cups in a relay race, etc.

3 The next survivor party challenge was a puzzle on poster board - an image drawn in markers and then it was cut up in different shapes but the same number of pieces for each puzzle and we put it into a paper bag. They had to pour it out onto the floor and figure out how to put it together. The conversation was hilarious!

4 The last game was a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood. We had set this game up in advance with existing props, and places no one would normally look. The first clue on paper was given to them to go out to the white mailbox in our yard and make a left or right. I sent them in two different directions through the neighborhood (a circle) and placed their clues in nearby, but different places. So one team went left to the first light post around the corner and found their next clue under a rock, while the other team right and around the corner to a tree with a rock and a clue. Then they each had to find the third fire hydrant, a palm tree, cross a street to another landmark, etc. They crossed paths at some point and figured out they were each going to make the circle, but the last clue led them to our white mailbox and a search of our backyard to find the idol. They were hysterical having been in the backyard at the beginning of the party and running around the neighborhood only to return home to find the idol.

We made the idol and he was creepy looking. Zip lock candy in a bag if you insist on making the papermache' ahead of time and then painting it and sealing it up. The candy was a little soft as a result of no air and being put directly into the pinata-style idol while it finished drying.

After the Survivor Games

We let the team who won the most games make their BBQ pizzas first. We bought small boboli crusts and had tons of toppings so they could eat vegetarian or sausage and pepperoni. The team that found the idol won the game and the candy inside the idol. All of the clues were done in riddles … or poems that rhymed so they had more fun trying to figure out what to do next. They took flashlights as the outside search began just at sunset and it took them about 30 to 40 minutes, and they ran to the next clues!They had such a blast! Next time I would involve the neighbors because they could hand out the clues, provide icky things to eat, etc. (See photos of idol and floor puzzle.) The teens LOVED the challenges and kept the buffs as the party favor!

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