Teen Life Size Game of Life

by Cristy Price
(Wellsville, UT)

TEEN Game of LIFE. This is a "LIFE" size version of the game. It is great for preteens and tweens. The game board is composed of "squares" made with regular 8.5" x 11" paper printed on the computer. Each square is taped to the floor. A large room or several connected rooms can be used. Players actually stand on their square. Each square is printed along with the game. The dice can be made with a square cardboard box, closed and covered with "dots" to look like a dice. Depending on how large you decide to make the game, you may want to only use one, two or three dots, with two dice sides of each (so players don't move too fast through the game).

The concept of the game of TEEN LIFE is adjusted to represent teenage life. For example, instead of getting married, players go on a date. Instead of getting a career, the players get jobs babysitting, mowing lawns, delivering newspapers, etc. Instead of getting a house, the player gets a cell phone. Different models are different prices. It is fun to have images of the phones printed life size for the players to hold once they get to that point in the game. Paper money can be used like in the real game, but in smaller increments. $5, $10, $20. Game squares that award money include: finding cash in the restroom, selling items on Ebay, and parent pay-outs for getting good grades. Game squares that lose money include: going to the movies, eating lunch off school campus, overdue books, buying songs off the internet and shopping for clothes. There is also a Birthday Party square, where other players give an amount of money based on the dice roll ($10, $20 or $30, based on rolling a 1, 2 or 3)

To prepare the game, you will want to use colored paper if possible, for a colorful game board. Plan on printing at least twenty four game squares. Print the following on 8.5 x 11 paper. Feel free to adapt them for the specific ages/interests of the party goers:
Roll for your Allowance (1=$10, 2=$20, 3=$30)
Pick your Part Time Job
PayDay (x 6 squares)
Allowance (x 6 squares)
It’s your Birthday! – Spin for your Gift (x 2 Squares)
Go to a party with your friends
Get asked to Homecoming dance
A cute boy/girl calls you
Get a Cell Phone
Find $10 in the restroom
Sell your jeans on Ebay for $20
Parents pay $30 for getting good grades
Spend $10 at the movies
Eating lunch off school campus for $5
Overdue books cost $5
Buying songs off the internet for $10
Go shopping for clothes $15

Print smaller “cards” of the following:
Part Time Jobs (These cards are turned upside down for random drawing)
Mowing Lawns - $15 per payday
Babysitting - $20 per payday
Newspaper Route - $25 per payday

Cell Phones (These cards are left face up for choosing between)
Basic No Frills $10
Upgraded Version $20
Top of the Line $30

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