taboo buzz'd!

Shout it out and pass it on with Taboo Buzz'd! This electronic version of the classic Taboo game challenges you to guess fast and then pass the handheld game console to the next player as fast as you can.

Your team has to guess words while you give clues, but don't say one of the Taboo words, or the other team is going to buzz you big-time. If your team can't guess without the Taboo words, you can skip to the next - or act out your clue!

This electronic game is quick to set up and easy to play because the game unit keeps the score for you. If your team has the most points after 6 rounds, you're the Taboo Buzz'd winner!

what people are saying about this game...

I love, love, LOVE Taboo. I use to have the game with the cards and enjoyed that but this takes all the hassle out. Actually, I didn't realize there was hassle until I got this electronic version. It tracks your score and you don't have to fumble with the cards or worry about pulling the same card twice. Many of my guests hadn't seen or played this version and said they will be getting it!

The game of Taboo is one of my favorites, but this electronic version has annoying noises that play throughout the rounds, not just for the buzzer or for scoring. A decent buy if you get a bargain.. Size is convenient. But I'll be sticking with the original, non-electronic version.

Much easier to okay than the cards. It is super super super fun! It is great family fun or drinking fun for friends. Never a dull time with taboo. Easy to store!

Works great! So easy to take with you b/c there is no box or cards to carry around.

The only slight drawback is that you have to play by the exact game rules (no house rules). So if you pass a card or say a prohibited word the other team gets a point. If you already play by these rules, then no change for you.

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