Shark Party Games

by Diya Iyer
(Folsom, California)

Shark Party

Chomping Jaws, sharp teeth, and that scary fin popping out of the water, this shark party will have you on your toes!


Players take turns being the "shark" and "crew members". The music will be playing and the shark will be swimming around. The crew members will try to get to the other side. When the music stops, all the crew members will have jump into the ship (a box) before the shark tags them. If the shark tags you, you're out!
First one to the other side wins!

Find the Shark:
In this game everyone will get a role, either the shark, a citizen, or the cop. The cop will turn away from the citizens and shark. The cop does not know the roles (who is the shark, who is a citizen). The shark will grab someone's arm and that citizen will fall dead. Then everyone alive (including the shark) will yell "The shark has struck"! Then cop will guess who was the shark. Then everyone switches roles!

Candy Coast Scavenger Hunt:
Give a list of candy that everyone needs to collect. They get until 1 hour before the party ends to collect all the types of candy on the list. After collecting, they get to pick a picture of a shark or fish out of a hat. Using the candy they collected, everyone needs to remake the picture they got! The one that uses all the candy and looks most like the picture wins!

Shark Hunt:
Similar to the classic Man Hunt game, Shark Hunt is more fun (and wet) version! Give everyone a white t-shirt with their name and the name of your party (Jamie's Shark Party, Olivia's Shark Birthday, etc.) Give the Shark a water gun (filled with colored water) and everyone else three water balloons. The water balloons are their lives and if anyone drops their water balloon they have lost a life. Drop all three of them and you're out. The water balloon must be kept with you at all times. The shark must use their water gun to make the others drop their water
balloons. Keep the shirt as a favor, it will be a colorful memory!

This shark party will be super fun and unforgettable, so get ready to put your fins on and have a blast!

Movie Charades:
Let's see how good you're shark movie memory is! Split into two teams. The team will decide what movie scene they will act out (any movie scene that involves a shark), and the team will act out the scene. The opposing team will have to guess what movie this scene is from. Extra points if you can guess who each character is!

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