Taylor Swift printables

by Kristi Greer

You're stuff is AMAZING!!!!!! I love it! I just showed a co-worker and she is in love with the designs. I will definitely spread the word! It is very hard to find Taylor Swift ideas for birthday parties, but you sure came through for my little girl. Thanks again!

Clued-In Murder Mystery Game

by Elizabeth Bellamy
(Atlanta, GA)

I have purchased multiple treasure hunt from this site, and never with regret. My family and friends LOVE them. I think our favorite is a tie between Clued-in and Survivor. I love how we can play Clued-In repeatedly, our crew has played this four times now! I especially appreciate how easy they are to set up, especially compared to how long it would take me to come up with this stuff on my own. These hunts are SO CREATIVE, I haven't seen anywhere else that offers anything like this.

Minecraft Hunt

by Karin Foreman

Just to let you know that your Minecraft treasure hunt was a big hit here in London, UK.
I'm sure I'll use you again for more parties as it is so simple and great fun!
Keep up the good work and good luck with your business

Girl Detective Treasure Hunt

by Elizabeth A.

I just wanted to tell you how amazing of a job you did with the hunt I purchased. I am a girl scout leader, and I bought this for my Juniors to finish up their detective badge. Also, the customer service email follow up? Perfection! You're doing a great job

Secret Agent treasure hunt

by Donna Kish

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the Treasure Hunt game. We played it on the 4th of July. Since I was playing families against families, I combined parts from both the children and adult games to make it challenging for the moms and dads as well as the children. I entitled it the Quest for the American Flag. (needless to say there was a small American flag at the end) Have you thought about making a 4th of July themed game? I think it would be a big hit.
Again, we enjoyed the game, am very glad I purchased it. It was well worth the cost.

Minecraft hunt

by Rachel Anglen

I am so thankful for this minecraft party game! My son and his friends are going to have so much fun! Thank you for making this awesome scavenger hunt up

Once Upon a Time printables

by Steve Ludwig

I just downloaded this for my Daughters Birthday Party and I have to say that I LOVE IT!
She is having her 13th birthday and loves the Show "Once Upon a Time".
She found your site and I ordered it today and am very impressed!
It is high quality and I have been having fun filling out the editable items.

Thank you for your site and I have 4 kids, so we will absolutely use it again!

Spy Hunt

by Sally Karam

I wanted to let you know that my spy game went over very well with the 9 year old boys who played it at my son's birthday party. I wrote all of the locations on the Key Locator in invisible ink to add another element of sleuthing and that went over very well. The busting of the bombs (black balloons) was probably their highlight.

Clues, Spells, and Curses hunt

by Theresa Halstead

We absolutely loved the scavenger hunt! I had nine 9-10 year olds cramped in a tiny apartment due to bad weather. But it was wonderful. I loved how easy it was to modify the rules to fit our needs. Our theme was the television show Once Upon A Time and this for perfectly. I would absolutely order from your company again.

Safari hunt

by Suzanne Zook

Thanks for creating such a fun animal scavenger hunt!! The cards are adorable and the facts fun and interesting. My daughter's party is this weekend and I'm excited that she and her friends will have this fun hunt to participate in (and grateful that I didn't have to try and come up with it on my own).

Girl Detective Treasure Hunt

by Rachel Evans

It's for my daughter Grace's 10th birthday party this Saturday. She's a spy nutter!
Last year I made my own treasure hunt game up, the girls just loved it so much so they wanted me to do it again for this birthday party. Grace is now in to all spy things, I have to say I fell upon your web site and think it's most excellent for what I need. I've now finished printing and laminating the spy discs ready for use and I think I've just about figured out all the clues even at this late hour 12:50GMT!

No doubt I will be using your services in the near future too for my other daughters b-day party!

All I need now is to get the spy disguises together, hats, mustashes, wigs, glasses etc... and its party time!

Jr. Bakers Treasure Hunt

by nedda aldrich

I purchased this a few weeks back for a slumber party I did for my 10 year old daughter. It was a huge hit!!!

It was challenging enough for all the 10 year old's and a couple of 11 year olds. They LOVED the idea of baking. It was a perfect recipe for the girls to help and it turned out delicious!!

Thank you so much for putting this together, you did a great job

Indoor Princess Treasure Hunt

by Carol Whitehill

I purchased this game for when my 6-year-old granddaughter comes for a visit next week. I waited until there were 'fresh' colors in the printer as I wanted the clues to be the pretty pink. I was delighted that the clues and directions downloaded and printed exactly as you said they would!
I think the number of clues is perfect for her interest/attention span.

So Excited!

by Amy Simm

I can hardly believe you are a small company, your website is Awesome!!!

I've taken a lot of your ideas and we are going to be trying to combine the Scavenger Hunter - Survivor with the Fear Factor games and some other things.... My head is bursting with all the fabulous ideas on your website!

Will keep you updated and send some pics of the day

Harry Potter Hunt

by Fiona
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

I held a Harry Potter party over the weekend and used your treasure hunt. It was great! Thanks. Will definitely recommend to friends and shop with you again if I host any more parties!

Zombie Treasure Hunt

by Charlotte Anscombe

Many thanks, we are celebrating my daughter' 13th birthday party next weekend, was really struggling to come up with clues! Hopefully they will like it! Will be freezing cold and pitch black in the middle of the woods, so should be quite scary! Everything has downloaded and printed with no problem at all.

Ask Me About name tags

by Judy
(Boca Raton, FL)

Just wanted you to know, the game was a huge success. Great stories were told.
Thank you

Minecraft hunt

by Zoe Hopkins

We played the minecraft scavenger hunt today for my son's birthday party with 5 boys. They loved it!! They're all 9 and it was the perfect age level for them.

Girl Detective Treasure Hunt

by Natalie

I wanted to let you know how much my daughter and her friends enjoyed the Treasure Hunt for her 8th birthday. I have told so many people about what a great product you offer at such great value. I already have my sights set on the Christmas themed treasure hunts. Thanks so much for your creativity

Taylor Swift printables

by Laurie Mason

We just had my daughter's 8th Taylor swift party yesterday. Thanks so much...your stuff was the only stuff I could find

Pirate Treasure Hunt

by Michelle Roberts
(Pittsburgh, PA)

I'm a youth minister in a small parish in Pittsburgh and we're sooooooo excited about this Pirate Treasure Hunt. I'm going to practice it on the youth group before we actually host a treasure hunt for the younger kids.

Thanks so much for your creativity!!

Clued-In Murder Mystery Game

by Michelle
(Bellevue, Washington)

We bought the game for my sons 30th birthday party. It was a hit! Everyone had so much fun. I had all the pieces lamented so we can reuse the game again. We were very happy with the game! Thank you

Clued-In Murder Mystery Game

by Heather
(Saint Jacob, Illinois)

I had 12 11 year old boys over to celebrate my son's birthday and this game was a big hit! They loved it and played over and over! I think the best part were all the additional cards that allowed them to be sneaky, form alliances, steal from one another! Thanks so much!!!

Ask Me About name tags

by Erin Scarborough

Thanks for the product. The game was a perfect last minute addition to my dinner party. Super easy to download and print

Supernatural treasure hunt

by Tonya Swan
(Louisville, KY)

Your Supernatural Scavenger Hunt was a huge hit! Thanks for creating it

Girl Detective treasure hunt

by Sara Elias
(London, UK)

We just had our daughter's 8th birthday party using your girl detective treasure hunt and secret agent party printables. It was a huge success. The clues were just the right amount of challenging, and lots of fun, and it all looked great. I felt it was money well spent!
Thank you

Survivor Scavenger Hunt

by Ellen Taylor

We held our survival themed 9th birthday party yesterday and it was a huge hit!

The scavenger hunt kept the children busy for about an hour, and they loved it; especially the curses!
I decided not to use the 'cure cards' as I had a young audience. Instead, I developed a 'cure ritual'.

I'd definitely use your services again. Your download saved me so much time and effort.