Pretty Pretty Princess

by AliciaKeller

Pretty Pretty Princesses:- As guests arrive greet them and add a little glitter (body glitter left over from Halloween) to sparkling cheeks and lips (sparkling lip gloss).

Have guest color in their “Magic Carpets” (I used file folders cut in half and printed Jamine’s Magic Carpets on them). Markers work best for vibrant colors. (optional* place a number on the bottom of each carpet for the upcoming game)

Jasmine’s Musical Magic carpets:

Using the carpet the kids colored earlier, set all the carpets in a circle. When the music stops a number is picked from a jar and whoever is on the carpet of that number is out. When you are out, you remove your carpet square and then you pick the next number (this worked well for younger children it was less rough, everyone sat on a carpet and it wasn't much of a race)You can also just play this with 1 less carpet like musical chairs because older children enjoy the "race" factor.

Decorating Tiara’s :

Using foam tiara cut outs and self adhesive gems (both available at local craft stores or online at oriental trading) allow the little girls creative side loose. as a bonus I used glitter glue the day before and wrote each princess' names so it would be dry for them.

Sleeping Beauty’s Pillow Pass:

Have the girls all sit in a circle passing the princess pillow. When the music stops whoever is holding the pillow is out.

Searching for Cinderella’s Lost Slipper:

Hide Cinderella’s shoe and have the girls find it. Once someone finds it they can then hide the shoe, if they already had a turn hiding they can then choose someone who hasn’t found it yet to hid it the next time. You can play this game as long as they want to.

Tiana kisses the Frog:

Line the girls up and give each girl a set of paper lips. When it is their turn blindfold them and spin them around (the older the girls are more spins they got). See who can get their lips closet to the princess

I had bought a goodie bag of rings-enough for 3 for each girl, and every game we played the winner received a ring, because a girl can never have too much jewelry.
They all had so much fun we played all the games 2 or 3 times before bed and again in the morning.

For snacks we had: Ariel's under the sea crackers (goldfish/whales)
Rapunzel's braided pretzels and Cinderella's royal cheese balls

I wish I could post more photos

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