Posh Princess Sleepover

by Samantha

The perfect posh princesses sleepover party

Schedule for the big day
1. arrival upon arrival each child will receive a purse containing pink nail polish a nail file and a set of nail stickers

2. after the arrival the children will have some time to play till the parents leave

3. movie time (show a princess movie of your child’s choosing ) and nail painting

4. tea time/lunch time (serve tiny party sandwiches cut into fours of your child’s choosing two or three kinds should do. since most kids don’t like tea serve a beverage of your child’s choosing as well. use a tea set you can purchase cheap so no accidents will happen while using your good dishes and remember pinkies up.)

5. present time ( have all the kids sit around the birthday princess and watch her open each gift and have her tell the person who brought it five reasons why she appreciates or likes the gift)

6. princess scavenger hunt (make simple clues for the kids to follow and add a twist to the hunt make them do it in high heels or in fancy clothes or some thing like that)

7. official princess training (train the girls on how to drink tea properly/how to eat, to walk in high heels, put lip gloss on , use manners, be polite, or other simple things like that you can think of doing)

8. a visit from a real princess ( have a actor hired to reenact the princess and the frog or just have a princess come and talk about the qualities and rules a princess must have and follow while she is in power)

9. cake/cup cakes (have the children put some of the manners in use that they learned from their training earlier )

10. book balance races(you know how in all those princess movies to train they have to walk while balancing books on their heads while put it to the test and have races to see who can go the fastest)

11. another princess movie and dinner(once again let the birthday girl choose the movie and dinner dish beverages and sides)

12. the royal princess pillow fight ( of course supervise and make sure the pillows are soft enough so no one gets hurt or injured everyone remembers the mattress sliding in princess diaries oh I wish we could do that)

13. bed time camp out (let everyone sleep on the floor in their sleeping bags)

14. princess breakfast

15. crowning departure and certificate presentations(buy crowns from the dollar store and print out certificates off line before the party)


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