Plunger Ball

This can be played with 2 or more teams. (Much more fun with 3 or more teams).

You will need:
A long stick with a plunger taped on top for each team.
A ball for each plunger stick.
Cones for the goalie area.
2 or more players on each team.
One person from each team is the goalie. (Although 4 or more players on each team are recommended).
A lot of football flags. (One for each player).
A lot of balls. (Which is two per team or more).

If your flag is pulled then you either go back to your base and start again or you're out of the game until jailbreak. (Which can happen at any time the leader chooses.) If you knock down another team ball off the team's plunger successfully than that team is out until there is one team remaining. Or you can do as to if your team's ball has been knocked down then each person on that team has one more life per person before being out for the rest of the game.