Pirate Party!

by Katherine
(Penrith, NSW, Australia)

PIRATE PARTY (2-5yr Olds)

DECORATIONS - red, black and white balloons. Large Calico material which i painted 'AHOY MATEY'S' and hung outside. Table was decorated with a pirate print table cloth and i scattered play gold coins and kids necklaces to look like treasure on the table. I tied the cutlery with brown twine and placed black pirate hats on each seat.I filled glass bottles with sand and others with water in them.

GAMES - my husband found an old plank of wood which we screwed to large electrical reels. I painted a X at the end of pirates could walk the plank!! At the end of the plank I bought a piece of fabric that had ocean creatures on it so they had to jump off the plank and over the shark/fish fabric, we also had a bubble machine going so it felt like they were in the water!!

Another game was to fill our sand pit with gold coins and the kids had to dig to collect them! Then we gave the kids our homemade binoculars (which we made prior to the party which was 2 toliet rolls covered in black paper & stuck together and tied with string) we then gave them treasure maps and following the map they were lead around the backyard to an area marked with an X which contained their lolly bags!!To finish it off we played pirate statues and gave out pirate tattoos for all the kids!

FOOD - we had a pirate ship birthday cake, along with a watermelon that was cut out in the shape of a pirate ship which wasas HUGE hit! Our invite was a pirate map whihc asked all teh kids to come dressed as pirates for the party so it was a heap of fun by all!


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