Peanuts Party Idea

by Lorna
(Edmonton, AB CAN)

Every year we host an adults' appreciation evening to thank all our volunteers. I used the Peanuts gang to create a "we're nuts about our volunteers" theme. The invitations had the Peanuts gang.

Table Centre pieces were a large tray of nuts and munchies, displaying all the Peanuts characters and the slogan. They even included the psychiatric booth!

Every guest was given a small bag of mixed nuts with a thank-you tag attached. The Door Prize bag was also decorated with Snoopy, Woodstock, the dog house, and of course, Charlie Brown.

Fun games and entertainment were all Nuts themed, including a Trivia Game, complete with prizes.

We made teams and played push the peanut with your nose and a walnut toss (like a bean bag toss. Guests were invited to do the Harlem Shake dance to complete the evening, which was a total success *unfortunately my pictures would not upload :(

Peanuts Trivia

1. What position does Schroeder play on Charlie Brown’s baseball team?
a. Catcher

2. Who plays shortstop?
a. Snoopy

3. Who is Charlie Brown’s younger sister?
a. Sally

4. What is the name of Snoopy’s desert-dwelling brother from Needles, California?
a. Spike

5. Who was the creator of Peanuts Comic strip?
a. Charles Schulz

6. Who is Sally’s love interest?
a. Linus

7. What name does Marcie call Peppermint Patty?
a. Sir

8. What is Lucy’s last name?
a. Van Pelt

9. What was Frieda known for?
a. Charlie Brown’s love interest, the girl with naturally curly red hair

10. Who does Snoopy pretend to be while wearing a red scarf and glasses?
a. WWI Flying Ace

11. Who said, “I’m gonna slug you?”
a. Lucy

12. What talent does Woodstock have?
a. Skilled whistler

13. What is the name of the Scout Group lead by Snoopy?
a. Beagle Scouts

14. Who is Schroeder’s favorite composer?
a. Beethoeven

15. How has Lucy tried to destroy Linus’ blanket?
a. Buried it and made it into a kite

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