Outdoor Movie Pool Party

by Payton K.
(Austin TX)

For my Birthday I wanted to do something a little different. We have a pool but I thought the traditional pool party was too cliché. I decided to throw an outdoor movie pool party! It was sooo much fun. Here’s what I did:

I borrowed a projector from my neighbor and rented an inflatable movie screen from a local party shop. The party was at night so for decorations I used tiki torches and paper lanterns for lighting. For food I set up a snack bar full of candy and drinks, and I also rented a old fashioned looking popcorn machine.

When guests arrive they got to vote between three movies. One was a scary movie, another was a slap stick comedy, and the last movie was a romantic comedy. When votes were tallied the horror movie won hands down. Before we played the movies we hung out in the pool awhile and played a pool game where we split into two teams and greased up an watermelon. The object of the game was to get the watermelon to your teams side of the pool first. It was thrown in the middle of the pool and both teams went for it. It was soo slippery, everyone loved that game.

When it was time to watch the movie many watched from pool floats, others used blankets that I had set out to create a picnic area to watch from. It was the best party ever.

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