Teen Jungle Party Theme

by Edith
(Davis, CA, )

The theme of this party is jungle. The location and place of this party must be decorated in a "jungle manner". With lots of green and brown as decorations . Animal print is recommended.

Each person attending the party must either dress as their favorite jungle animal or dress in "jungle colors" , which include mostly green and brown.

Food served at this party should be from different countries. Each person must bring a food or drink or desert consumed in different countries.

One game played at this game is Charades . Each person must reenact a word or phrase pertaining to a jungle related thing or things.

Another game to be played is having a dance competition . The guests must divide into groups and create a foreign dance to suit the type of music present. There will be one judge who will decide which team wins. And whichever team wins becomes the king of the jungle.

For The 3rd game, the guests divide into groups . One group makes an animal noise and one person in the other group has to draw that animal blindfolded. A judge decides how well the drawing reflects the other group's animal.

Supplies needed: lots of animal print, animals, like statues lions, tigers, giraffes, music, African music. Etc

More Unique Teen Theme Party Ideas!

by Katie
(Louisville, KY USA)

Graffiti Party-
Have everyone wear a white tee-shirt and provide a ton of different colored sharpies/highlighters and have everyone write on each other. Could decorate with real graffiti.

ABC (Anything but clothes Party)
The guests wear anything to party except actual clothes. Things such as trash bags, wrapping paper, togas, etc are acceptable. The crazier, the better!

Rubik's Cube Party
At a Rubik's Cube party, everyone dresses up in different solid colors and they trade with others throughout the night to achieve the goal of an all one colored outfit.

Games played- Twister. Twister is a great game for all ages. The different colors will blend well with a couple of the themes.

90's theme party
Dress as anything related to the 90's, only play music from the 90's such as Spice girls, Nsync, etc.

Never have I ever. Go around in a circle and someone says "Never have I ever been to Europe." If any person has been to Europe they have to eat a piece of candy, do a handstand, anything to show people that they have done that. The options are endless and you get to know people much better.

Dance Dance Revolution. Or a dance competition.

The limbo is always a fun game to play with a big group too no matter what age.



First you must visit your local business owners, theater, gas station, library, gyms, resturants, court house, historical society, etc; making certain they are expecting this game to take place and visits to be made. This will familiarize each teen with their community and meet local businesses.
Forms teams of 4...each must be given a list with a task to perform by visiting one of the community businesses...giving each team a 4 hour time frame or perhaps more or less based on your task. Elimination will only take place if they are rude or over exceeding the speed limit....however, if you have enough volunteers you may want to designate a driver for each team. Keep it safe.
At the end when they arrive at the beginning destination...having food and drinks and award the grand prize...perhaps cash or gift cards....we charge $ 10.00 entry fee...split the cash 1/2 to grand prize other 1/2 to be given to a charitable organization by the grand prize winners....also helps a great cause.

Teen Slumber Party Ideas

by Emily

teen slumber party ideas

1.best dress - each teen can bring there nicest clothes and have a fashion contests

2.Best dance contest.Each teen does there nicest dance and have best dance contest.

3.If some of the teens are into gymnastics have a gymnastic contest.

4.Have a highest jump contest.

5.Have a race who ever wins gets a prize of some kind.

6.Have a best originality contest. Whoever has the most original dance gets a prize.

7.Have blank pillow cases and with fabic maakers and have everony write there names on each others pillow cases.

8.Have a singing contest.

9.Have a fashion show. Put on clothes and makeup.

10.Have a drawing contest.

American Idol Theme Party

by Sandy Klocinski
(Summerville, SC)

American Idol adaptation of hot potato: hot microphone! Have everybody sit in a ring and play music. The microphone makes its way around the circle and when you discontinue the music whoever has the microphone has to sing the next line of whatever song was playing. Whoever is left gets an award.

American Idol Pinata. Play this conventional party game. Fill a star or microphone pinata with candy, tattoos and glow items for extra fun!

Rent a Karaoke machine. Choose the music for your idols to audition. Make ballots for your audience to vote. Let your idols audition and choose your twelve finalists.

Autograph Seekers: For this American Idol party game you will need white t-shirts (one per guest), a newspaper and sheets of white paper, permanent white markers and pens.

Cover the table with a newspaper and lay out t-shirts on the table. Include a sheet of paper inside the t-shirts to stop bleed-through. Cut star shapes out of paper (one per guest) and write guests' names on them. Next, tape the star shapes to the shirts (so the kids know who the shirts belong to).

Have every guest draw a picture on the front of his or her t-shirt. Next, get them to walk around the table and autograph the backs of other guests' shirts. This will make a great souvenir from a party.

Of course nothing would be complete without watching your preferred seasons of the American Idol show at your party.

more teen party theme ideas

by viewer submitted idea

1. 60's Party: Flash back Hippy.
a. Tie-dye your own t-shirts!
b. Make dream-catchers!
c. Put on 60's music!

2. Jersey Shore Party!
a. Dress up as Guido or Guidette
b. Practice fist-pumping!
c. Watch Jersey shore
d. Make the house your own club and name it!

3. Make a Book come alive Party:
Pick a book you like and make it come alive.
a. Make the setting your home
b. Pretend to be characters.
c. Have a book discussion

4. Dress me up crazy Party!
-Make two teams of people.
-get a hat and pull out names of things (80's, rock, popstar,etc,..)
- Each team has 3:00 mins to dress that person in whatever clothes are around.

3 rounds: Clothing, Hair, and Makeup.

Teen Sock Hop Party Theme

by Glanda Widger
(Vale, NC, USA)

My grandkids think retro is cool so a sock hop always goes over good. Limbo contests and silly things like pin the tail on the donkey and a few wild dances like the mashed potatoe and hand jive, have them laughing and having a ball. All their friends want to have one too.

We dig out old pictures of our hippie days and flower child get ups and bobby soxer poodle skirts so the kids can haunt the thrift stores for apropriate attire.

It's a no fail funfest for the teens and parents. Even the dog gets a cool outfit that he promptly eats to everyones delight.

Teen Survivor Birthday Party Theme

by Destiny

Survival based party

This could be a weekend event where there are two teams. boys vs girls.


Admittance Game:
In order to be admitted into the party you have to prove yourself. So have your guests do the "Eat this" Challenge. You can either have them eat a worm, or go to the store and buy a gross looking food item, I.e sardines, and have them eat one of those.

The hose game:
Have your team gather around a line of logs, big enough for them to stand on, in their bathing suits. Tell them to stand on a log of choice. (doesn't have to be a log, could be something else they can stand on) After they are standing on the log, take out the hose and start to spray them. The last one standing on the logs, that team will get 1 point. Make sure the water is cold when starting.

Predator vs. prey
No one is your friend in this game, Start by giving everyone a card with an animal/bug/amphibian and write what they eat, and who eats them. IE Hawk, eats rabbits, squirrels, mice, birds, frogs, snakes... Then have them all run into a starting position of choice. Give them about 1 hour to either hunt their prey or hide from the predator. If a predator finds its prey it must tag them, and they will be "Eaten" The team with more people still alive at the end of the game will receive the point.

Blind folded taste test
Have each team choose a member who can "Handle food well" That person will be blindfolded and subjected to taste various blended up food. IE blend a taco and put it into a glass for them to drink. Start off with some easier tasting things, then move to the more nasty mixes, IE toothpaste mixed with pineapple juice, and hot sauce. The team that makes it to the end gets the point.

There are a lot of things you can do with this theme. At night get a game of flash light tag where the loosing team will have to has to do an additional challenge before allowed to go to the tents (bed) Like the hose challenge, or if you have a pool, make them stand in it as the winning team drops ice cubes into the water

Fantastic Fanatic Birthday Party

by sandy

A great party theme for groups with lots of teens!
Choose a popular singer or celebrity and make them the theme of your gathering!
Make sure invitations feature their face and don’t forget to watch their movie or listen to their CD during the party.

Activities can include writing fan mail or even making a “fanatic” video about your favorite celebrity.

Create your own disco ball by covering a beach ball with aluminum foil and suspending it from the ceiling. Make microphones for guests to use by attaching foil balls to the top of a paper towel tube covered in black construction paper. Create magazine and poster collages of your “guest of honor” to adorn walls. Hang CD covers and records around the room in honor of the star. Camera cutouts from the Hollywood theme would work well here too.

Music Party Theme

by Vandes Jackson
(Chicago, Illinois. United States)

Myself on the Drums.

Myself on the Drums.

For me a Great & Fun them party would be a Music Theme! All the guest who are invited have to come in something relating to a celeb or Music period. The Games would be quite interesting & Fun like a "Music Monopoly" Including character's like Bach, Mozart, & Beethoven. Also the Game would include places like the Chicago Symphony Center or A Garage-band. The Napkins & Plates would have music notes all over them & The Cake would Have Music Related quotes...People...Things...etc.
That's my Idea of a Fun Themed Party!

-Vandes- =)

A Day in Hollywood Party

by Abigail K
(Laconia NH)

Let them eat Cake!!

Let them eat Cake!!

A Day In Hollywood

Every teen wants to go to Hollywood and become movie stars, but most do not live in California and are far from an acting career. So, for this party we bring imaginitive ideas to create the Hollwood life.

Guess That Supastar!
Sit in a circle. Once in that circle the designated person must think of an actor/actress. That person must reveal one hint, and then you go around the circle asking yes or no questions. The person who guesses the superstar wins, and gets to be the next thinker as well as earning a prize(see below for prizes)

Pick a star from a tv show. Draw them the best way you can while others attempt to guess the character. You'd be surprised at the pictures that come out!

Everyone sits in a circle, and each person tells six words of a story per turn. So one person can say "The man was on the mountain" followed by "when a huge bird came and". The last person is allowed ten words to conclude the tale. The stories can turn hilarious and will leave everyone smililing.

Improv 2 -

Three unconnected sentences are provided by one player; the others builds the shortest possible story incorporating the 3 sentences. Whoever comes up with the best wins a prize!

You can always plug in that dvd/vhs player and watch a nice movie! Roll out the red carpet and enjoy the show!

Popcorn -
This is a simple yet fun contest where each person sees how many times they can catch popcorn in their mouth without it falling to the floor. Whoever catches the most pieces wins a prize!

For prizes you can get movie star parafunalia. Some big glasses, feather scarfs, mardi graw beads, megaphones, and even movie candy!

You could hand out invitations shaped like movie admission tickets!

If this is a party which requires cake you can make cake designed to look like a movie reel!

Paintball Party

by Margaret Smith

My son will be having his 14th birthday in a couple of weeks. He and his friends love paintball. We're having a paintball theme for his party. Some of the games that we're planning are:

Paintball war (against teams)
Shoot the target with paintballs.
Toss the paintbrush into the (empty) paint cans
Running an obstacle course
Tug of War

Messy Funny Teen Party Game

by Pamela Warren
(Port Huron, MI, USA)

A teen party game. Choose a partner. Give one of the partners a shower cap and a can of shaving cream. One person puts on the shower cap and puts a big gob of shaving cream on their head. The other person throws fruit loops at the shaving cream trying to get them to stick to the shaving cream. The person with the most fruit loops in their gob of shaving cream wins. A fun game.

christmas party

for girls and boys that their birthday is on(or close) to christmas!!you can ask your friends to dress up as something christmasy too!

snowman rush:this game is a relay race.1st,you put 2 buckets at the end of the race course with nothing in it.2nd at the front of the race course put a big bucket with fake snow in it(anything thats small and looks like snow,like packing peanuts).their will be 2 teams.the first 2 ppl from each team will take a handfull of fake snow and run to their bucket and pour it in. the team with the most snow wins!

pyscho santa:this is a very comparable game to pictonary but a bit different. the drawer picks something their partner may like for christmas.the person trys to guess it. if he/she gets it right but doesnt want the item you only get 1 point. if the other person gets it right AND would like the item you get 2 points. BE HONEST!!!!!

deck the halls dressup:dressup as your favorite christmas character. maybe you could hand out a prize for best outfit!


by Laura Riley

1st- Best Dance- You have to be as creative as possible and try to use dances people are familiar with.

2nd- Most Original Dance- The most original dance will win.

3rd- Best Dance Costume- Whomever has the best/original costume.

Dancing has become very popular in the last few years, especially now with X-Box Kinect. They have "Dance Central" which is really awesome and shows a lot of the new dance moves that is the craze.

They also have "Dance Like Michael Jackson" which I know a lot of people are loving. He was such a huge icon and his moves were amazing. My 17 year old daughter is learning how to do the "Moon Walk". She is a huge Michael Jackson fan.

There are quite a few different dance games out there, but, they seem to really be making some awesome ones. Dancing also is a form of exercise, so, that could be good for some people. But most of all dancing is so much fun and most everyone enjoys it.

I know I do!! I think having a Dance Party Theme would be really wonderful and challenging as well. Some people may find it hard, but others are naturals. It would be fun to see what dance moves people can come up with.

Most of all, dancing is a form of art, so, a lot of peoples creativity and originality will shine through.This is what is really going to be the exciting factor of it all.This is where the true artists will shine.

So, on that note, let's party and all you of dancers, come on down and boogie, boogie,boogie, til you just can't boogie no more.

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