Paint the roses red

by Cookie Monster
(lakewood Wa)

The red queen hates her roses white, so Alice paints her roses red. At any time of the party have them take turns begin blind folded and do there best to paint the rose red

Glow Bubbles

Ok so you go to your local Dollar store. Get plenty of bubbles and cheap glow sticks. Now take a glow stick and a little bubble container. Cut the tip of the Glow stick and pour it in the bubbles. Now when you blow bubbles your bubbles will glow!!!!

Off with your head tag

Off with your head tag, is a game of tag that i made up.

What you do is run and hide, then the person counts to 20. Then shouts "Ready or not, here I come"! Then once the person finds at least one person, he or she shouts "Off with your head"! Then they begin a game of tag. And if that person tags them, then that person has to help the other person find the other people, and it keeps going until all the people are found.

Pixie Poker

by Hailey
(Yakima, Washington )

Play poker as you normally would but instead of chips use pixie stixs! Each color represents a different amount and usually you can buy then in a big pack so it would be cheap. Just get a deck of cards teach the kids the rules of poker then hand out pixie sticks or whatever candy you would like to use ( obviously have to change the name with the candy). Then enjoy but make sure to have some candy around or your poker candy might start disappearing. I'm 17 and this worked great for my party.

Chocolate Pass

Have all of the guests (and host) sit in a circle. Play music and pass around a Hershey's bar. When the music stops, who ever is holding the chocolate bar is out. Keep going until there is one person left, and they get to eat the bar of chocolate!

Dounut Eating

by Olivia
(Scottsdale, AZ)

In this game hang a donut for each player on a string. Hang the string up. Each player stands in front of their donut. They put both hands behind their back. Then only using their mouth they try to eat the donut without letting it fall of the string. The player who eats the most of their donut without it falling off the string wins. For even more challenge try blindfolds.

Sowee survivor

by Ashley Gaham
(Auston Texas)

A sour contest! Get the most sour candy you can find and see who can keep it in there mouth the longest - the one that can stand it the longest wins.(not for people that have sensitive mouths)

Diaper Eating Contest

by Lori
(Loveland, CO)

We did this for my daughter's 14th birthday party. It was the biggest hit of all the games we played.

Take a clean diaper for each player, open it and put a few spoons of chocolate pudding in the middle. Add a spoon of canned corn on top, then fold closed using the sticky tabs.

Place each "filled" diaper in front of everyone around a table. On the mark, everyone must open the diaper, place their hands behind their backs and eat the contents of the diaper. First person to finish wins.

Half the kids did it with no problem, some kids (especially those who have had little brothers or sisters) couldn't do it, and even a few gagged!

chubbie bunnie

by canisha

put as much marsh mellows in your mouth and say chubby bunny the person who shuved the most marshmellows in thier mouth wins

Yummy jello

by Izzy

You make jello and give every person a bowl full put a squirt of whip cream on. Get what ever kind of fake bugs as u want and make sure there in the jello make the players have a chance to take out all the bugs

Find the M&M

by J

Really simple but really funny.

First you place an M&M on a plate, then you plonk a mountain of whipped cream ontop. You may want to put some towels and stuff around because it could get messy. The challenge is that the player has to find the M&M without their hands (its the most fun if you make them find it with their mouths), the first to find it wins.

Say It - Don't Spray It

by kierra henderson

divide the people into groups of five and and you have two people sitting in the chair with a mouth full of water and one of the people that is sitting down the person from there team has to come and say something funny and the first one to spit the water out of there mouth loses and the other person gets a point the first one to get to five point win.

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