Minecraft Party Plan

by Vanessa
(Bradenton FL)

My son, like most boys, is Minecraft crazy! I have been trying to come up with ideas on food, games, and decorations. I have found many things, including making a large Creeper out of boxes and shooting it with a bow and arrows to see who can knock it down first. You can also have the kids take pictures with the large Creeper to remember the day by. How about a game of Creeper bowling where you take tall thin boxes and put Creeper faces on them and use a bowling ball to knock them down. You can put a small amount of beans or rice inside so you can adjust how easy they can be knocked over. Everyone loves a good game of Pin the Tail on the Ender Dragon!

The Minecraft Scavenger hunt from this site looks like a ton of fun! I love the idea of taking small water bottles and setting up a potion making station. The kids would use something like mio drops in minecraft flavors to make potions, such as ghast tears to make a healing potion, spider eye for poison, blaze powder for strength potion, and sugar for a speed potion. I would make sure they would be different colors and have some way to tell the kids how many drops to use to make their potion, based on the directions for the drops you are using as well as the water bottle size. I would use the small children bottles.

A square piñata shaped like A Minecraft box would be awesome. If could be a grass block, or something more difficult like Diamond Ore based on your preferences. I would love to fun a toy pick axe strong enough to use as the stick. You can make some cute bags with Creeper or Steve faces on them to put your favors in. I saw where you can take rice crispy treats, leave some plain and dye others brown or black to look like the blocks. You can also make the cake into separate squares to like the classic blocks, for example grass or dirt.

For favors you can use Twizzlers to the same size and then stack them to make a square, wrap them with plastic wrap and you have a TNT block! Then you put a white paper around it with the classic TNT in black block letter on it. You can give the kids a bad of green gum balls labeled Slimeballs. Don’t forget to label the foods at your table. Long pretzels become Sticks, Carrots, Melon, Cookies, and Cake etc.

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