Kid's Casino Party

by Suzie Q

Kid's Casino Theme Party ages 7-10

Kid's Casino Party Decorations

Decorations: Kids were welcomed at the door with a sign that read "Billy's Casino". There were pictures of dice, playing card symbols and a Las Vegas sign on the walls. We had set up four (4) stations throughout the house so the kids can go to whichever station they wanted to place their bets. Tables had on them green felt or plastic tablecloths for effect.

Kid's Casino Party Games

The kids all received a lunch baggie full of quarters, dimes, nickles and pennies to bet with. One station had a horseracing theme. There were 4-6 horses running each race. This depended upon how many kids wanted to bet on this race. The kids picked a horse (mini plastic horse from Dollar Tree with a different color/number on it), bet on it with as many coins as they wanted and then got to roll a die to move their horse. I used a rectangular coffee table and had 15 squares as lengths that the horses had to run. If a child rolled a 6, it moved 6 squares. Each child betting in the race got to roll the die. The first horse to reach the finish line won. If there was more than one bet placed on a horse, the winnings were divided. But basically, each child wanted their own horse.

The second station had a roulette theme. I used the wheel from the "Game of Life" and the number strip from the game also. Kids placed bets on which number the spin would land on. The dealer would spin the wheel and see who won. This can be altered to have the wheel just black and red by adding construction paper pieces to the wheel and number strip.

The third station was a black jack theme. We helped teach the kids to add up the their three cards and see if they could beat the dealer with their card total.

At the last station, we had a slot machine bank that the kids played and kept whatever winnings it would spit out.

Kids roamed around and chose which station appealed to them so noone got bored. It was interesting to see what kids were willing to go all out with their money and which kids held closely to theirs. The kids all went home with their winnings, a pack of playing cards and some foil covered chocolate casino chips.
We also had casino chip-looking cupcakes.

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