Hawaiian Theme Party

by Georgia
(USA )

I think a very good idea would be a Hawaii party. You could get different color Hawaii skirts for all of the people in your party.

You could have a limbo dance. You could also have a Hawaiian dance competition to see who has the most Hawaiian spirit. I think dancing with a Hawaiian culture will really bring a Hawaiian feel to the party. Hawaiian music is also necessary to have a great party. Even if you do not want to dance you will still have the pleasure of listening to great music.

With a Hawaiian theme it would also be very cool to have some palm trees. Palm trees would bring a very special feature to the party. These magical trees would make you feel like you are in Hawaii. Also if you put some wind in your trees to make them look like they are swaying from side to side it would be very fancy.

Another great idea is to have a pool in your party. Hawaii has a lot of water so you could compare it with a pool. You could bring fake fish into the pool so it makes it look even more realistic. Such as mechanical fish that will just make the scene seem real. The pool might feel tropical with your trees hanging over it.

Another cool thing would be to have a lot tropical plants. Tropical plants will make the scene feel like you are in a real Hawaii. Hawaii is a tropical place and these tropical plants will just bring the idea to life.

One other thing that could make the party special would be to have a fish tank. Just like the mechanical fish in the pool. A tank with real fish would make it feel even more real. You could put fishes that live in Hawaii in your tank to make it feel like the real ocean in Hawaii.

You could also have a turtle petting zoo. You could have a couple of Hawaiian turtle in a small pond . Petting zoo would let people pick them up so they could see what Hawaiian turtle look like close up, and what there shell and skin could feel like. These turtles would make the Hawaiian ocean come to life.

One more awesome thing that would be fanominal to bring to a Hawaiian party would be coconuts with coconut water in them. Just like in Hawaii your guest could be enjoying delicious water from a coconut.

Another cool thing would be to include food from Hawaii. Maybe you could have a cool chef from Hawaii. Some cool food would just make the party perfect. If you had all of these things your party I defiantly would never miss your party for anything.

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